Teaching Support

The following collection of websites, tutorials and contact information will provide you with the teaching support you will need to be successful at RIT. 

Student Support

There are a multitude of support services available to RIT students! It is important that faculty are knowledgeable about what is available to our students that will enable them to be successful. This list is not exhaustive, as there are many more support areas available in the campus community. Visit these sites for more information:

Research/Scholarship Support

There are several departments on campus available to assist faculty who will be engaging in scholarship and research activities. Visit the sites below to learn more.

Professional Development

  • AdvanceRIT - Advance's mission is to enable all faculty at RIT, particularly women, to contribute their full potential, to increase their representation and retention, and to advance their careers. Visit their site to learn about their upcoming events and workshops.
  • Division of Diversity and Inclusion (DDI) - DDI works collaboratively with the entire RIT community to create an environment that embraces all students, faculty and staff. Visit their site to learn more DDI offers for faculty, staff, and students at RIT.  
  • Faculty Career Development (FCD) - Our Faculty Success Series is designed for faculty to discover resources, to enhance scholarship and teaching, and to network and collaborate with colleagues throughout the academic year. We provide workshops and events to support faculty at all ranks, at all stages of their career on topics such as promotion, tenure, scholarship, and more.
  • National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD) - Join the NCFDD! The Divisions of Academic Affairs and Diversity & Inclusion have partnered to offer career development tools through NCFDD. The Center provides skills and strategies intended to help RIT faculty, post-docs and graduate students thrive in academic life. The NCFDD offers a wide variety of resources, from tools to increase your research productivity, to writing and time management. Learn more and register here!
  • Talent Roadmap - RIT's Talent Roadmap serves as your online home for courses and tutorials. Talent Roadmap assists faculty and staff reach professional development goals. Visit their site now to see what's available for the upcoming academic year.