The Conversation

The Conversation is an independent, nonprofit online publisher of commentary and analysis, authored by academics and edited by journalists for the general public. It publishes short articles (800-1000 words) by academics on timely topics related to their research, with a goal “to promote truthful information and strengthen journalism by unlocking the rich diversity of academic research for audiences across America.”

RIT is a member of The Conversation.  As a member, we receive regular queries from them seeking authors on specific subjects. We also pitch story ideas to their editors. The pieces are not traditional “op-eds,” but rather explanatory journalism based on research, with each piece edited by Conversation staff in a give-and-take with the author.

The Conversation site receives some 2 million visitors each month. And with republication, it’s seen by more than 9 million people a month. Its pieces are picked up by Associated Press, and sent out to newsrooms around the country. Some of the most recognized names in journalism – Time, Newsweek, CNN, PBS, Slate – republish works from The Conversation, and writers for the site have received requests for follow-up interviews for other media around the world, including academic publications.

If you have an idea to pitch or want to be considered for requests from The Conversation staff, email Mindy Mozer.