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Supporting Effective Teaching Experiences with Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students


Welcome to the teach2connect website!

This site contains information intended to provide instructors with classroom teaching strategies that foster collaborative learning among deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing students. Additionally, this site provides valuable resources to assist faculty in finding answers to questions they might have when working with deaf and hard-of-hearing students in and outside of the classroom.

Photo of classroom with teacher, captionist and interpreter
Photo of instructor signing
Photo of instructor drawing graph and math formulas on whiteboard in tutoring session with students
Photo of teacher showing students drawing on white board in biology tutoring session
Photo of tutor showing graph on computer to student
Photo of tutor showing student data on hand held calculator
Photo of tutor signing biology subject matter to student
Photo of tutor with skeleton model and indicating bones of the arm to students
Photo of tutor describing chemistry related content to student holding molecular model
Photo of tutor explaining engineering content to student who is pointing to chart in book
Tutor holding circuit board and engineering model with student