Novelution: Sponsored Research

Adding a Subaward

Subaward Records are Created by SRS

SRS is responsible for creating subaward records in Novelution. If your project involves one or more subawards, please provide your SRS Pre-Award Representative with contact information for the subaward(s) as soon as possible.

  It’s vital to start this process as early as possible. Other institutions will have their own internal deadlines to meet before they will release proposal information.

Required Documentation

Subaward subrecipients must provide the SRS Pre-Award Representative with the following documents before the prime record can begin the Internal Review process:

  • Finalized budget
  • Finalized budget justification
  • Finalized SOW
  • Sponsor-Specific personnel documentation
  • Other sponsor-specific documentation as required
  • Subrecipient commitment form

Once all documents are received, the SRA will complete the Subaward panel in the Novelution record and upload all applicable documentation.