Novelution: Sponsored Research

Uploading Research Content

PI-Required Documentation

At this time, the PI is responsible for uploading the following documentation into the Novelution record:

  • RIT Community Abstract
  • Draft Scope of Work / Project Narrative / Research Strategy / Project Description

How to Upload Research Content

Follow these steps to upload the RIT Community Abstract and Draft Scope of Work into the record:

  1. Within the record, navigate to the Research Content & Other Proposal Documents panel
  2. At the top of the panel, enter content into the RIT Community Abstract text field (this is public information related to the project and limited to 1000 characters)
  3. Directly below this field, upload the Draft Scope of Work document (either by clicking on the corresponding upload button or dragging/dropping the electronic file into the record)
  4. Click Save at the bottom of the screen

  SRS works with the PI to collect all other project documents and uploads these into the record once they are reviewed.