Novelution: Sponsored Research

Completion of Final Proposal

Process Overview

Throughout the process the PI will work with the SRS Pre-Award Representative to prepare all of the proposal documents needed as outlined in the funding solicitation. These documents typically include the following:

  • Project Summary
  • Project Description
  • Reference Cited
  • Facilities and Other Resources
  • Data Management Plans
  • Personnel Documents for each Senior Personnel that may include Biosketches, Current and Pending and Collaborators and Other Affiliation Documents
  • Other Sponsor Specific Forms

These must be provided to the SRS Pre-Award Representative for review and submission to sponsor portals well in advance of the deadline. Final Project Description and Reference documents must be provided a minimum of 48 hours before the deadline.

Once these documents are reviewed and uploaded to the sponsor portals, the SRS Pre-Award Administrator will compile a preview of the submission. The preview will be uploaded into Novelution for final PI review and approval. Follow these steps to download and review the final submission document.

  1. Open the proposal record in Novelution
  2. Navigate to the Research Content & Other Proposal Documents panel
  3. Locate the Research Content Required for Submission section
  4. Click on the Final Proposal hyperlink to download the PDF document
  5. Review the proposal document for accuracy

If changes are required
  • Communicate immediately with your SRS Pre-Award Administrator via email, outlining the changes needed
  • Your SRS-Pre-Award Administrator will make the necessary changes and alert you when a new version of the preview is available for review
If changes are NOT required
  • At the bottom of the proposal record, click the Submit Final Proposal to SRS button


  • The SRA Pre-Award Administrator will get a notification that the final proposal has been approved and submitted

Final SRA Review

The SRA-Pre-Award Administrator will now do one last review of the proposal record and document any changes before the final approval.

Ready to Submit to Sponsor

Once the proposal is Ready to Submit to Sponsor, the SRA will enter the remaining details in the Sponsor & Submission Information panel and mark the corresponding requirement as Complete.

Proposal Submitted to Sponsor

Novelution will automatically change the status of the project to Proposal Submitted to Sponsor once the previous requirement is completed. The PI will receive a notification in Novelution (and via email) that the proposal has been submitted.