Novelution: Sponsored Research

PI, Co-PI, and Key Personnel Attestation

Completing Required Attestations

Before a proposal can be submitted for the Internal Review process, the PI must complete the Attestation Form (located within the proposal record). At a later point in the routing workflow, other Co-PIs and Key Personnel will be required to complete their own attestations as well. The purpose of these attestations is for all involved parties to identify any potential conflicts of interest or other involvement that could compromise the project. This step is a requirement for the proposal to be submitted.

How to Complete the Attestation
  1. Open the proposal record in Novelution (the record can also be accessed by clicking on the task in your Task List)
  2. Navigate to the Attestation panel
  3. Read the entire attestation and answer the corresponding questions
  4. When finished, click Save at the bottom of the screen