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Off Campus Housing

Living Off Campus

Many students, especially graduate students, choose to live off campus. The rent may be lower than on campus, but be aware of additional costs (utilities, fees, furniture rental, etc.) that vary greatly from place to place. A very important consideration is access to a bus line. Be sure to check the Rochester public bus map and only rent an apartment that is served by a bus line. The only off-campus apartments that are within walking distance of RIT are The Province and Park Point. You will need access to #24 bus if you choose to live anywhere else. RIT's Off Campus and Commuter Services (OCCS) assists students who are commuting to RIT from off-campus residences. Their services will be available to you once you arrive.

Resources for Off Campus Housing

When searching for an off-campus apartment, you might be asked to enter a ZIP code. The Zip code for Henrietta (the suburb where RIT is located) is 14623.

Trulia Rentals

Additional Tips

If you are considering living off-campus, please keep the following in mind:

  1. You need to make sure the housing you choose is located within walking or biking distance (although it might be problematic in winter) from RIT, or that is located on a bus line. Even if you plan to buy a car, it will still take some time, and given that public transportation in Rochester is not well developed you might be unable to commute. Useful resources for planning bus trips are and Google Maps.
  2. Apartments are usually not furnished, and if they are, the rent will be higher. You may buy used furniture and sell it again once you move out.
  3. Apartment complexes might offer some of the following amenities for no charge to the residents: fitness center, sports playgrounds, basketball and tennis courts, pool, laundry facilities, and business center.
  4. Lease (rent) term is usually one year, shorter periods might be available for a surcharge.
  5. Security deposit needs to be submitted with the application in an amount equal to 1-2 months rent.
  6. Rent payment may or may not include heat/water/gas/cable TV/internet access/garage/electricity costs/laundry.
  7. You might be required to present a proof of income, and/or a co-signer or guarantor might be required for non-U.S. residents.
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