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Student Health Center medical clinicians refer students to health care professionals in the community as needed for specialty care. The Student Health Center maintains a list of frequently utilized specialty providers in the area and can assist students with the appointment process.

Students with insurance through the RIT plan should:

  • Review the specifics of coverage
  • Bring an insurance claim form to every visit.
  • Contact the insurance company or meet with the on campus representative if there are questions (see Insurance information)
  • Be aware that RIT insurance may not cover 100% of the cost of the visit and students are responsible for the difference

Students with non-RIT insurance should:

  • Check the insurance policy to confirm that there is coverage for the Rochester area (this may be considered "out of network" if the home area is outside of Rochester)
  • Check to be sure you may be referred by a Student Health Center clinician (or if you must be referred by your primary medical provider at home)
  • Review insurance plan website to identify specialist providers in Rochester area who are covered by their plan