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Art History Minor

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This minor has not been converted to semesters.

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Quarter Curriculum - For Reference Only

Effective fall 2013, RIT will convert its academic calendar from quarters to semesters. The following content has been made available as reference only. Currently matriculated students who began their academic programs in quarters should consult their academic adviser for guidance and course selection.

The art history minor combines courses from the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences. It provides studio art majors with the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of art history as they refine their own work and prepares them for possible careers in academia, galleries, and museums.

The art history minor is an option available only to students enrolled in BFA programs in the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences. Three courses from each college are required.

2039-225 Art and Civilization I
2039-226 Art and Civilization II
2039-227 Art and Civilization III

College of Liberal Arts
Choose three of the following:
0505-421 Introduction to Museums and Collecting
0505-422 Art Materials: Panel Printing
0505-423 Art Materials: Photography
0505-424 Legal and Ethical Issues for Collecting Institutions
0505-425 Display and Exhibit Design
0505-436 Women’s Stories and Films
0505-437 Forensic Investigation of Art
0505-438 Conservation of Cultural Materials
0505-443 Images of American Life
0505-444 American Painting
0505-445 Issues in American Art
0505-446 American Film of the Studio Era
0505-452 Special Topics*
0505-467 American Film Since the 1960s
0505-468 Art of India and Southeast Asia
0505-469 Art of China, Korea, and Japan
0505-480 Women and the Visual Arts
0505-487 Special Topics: Art of Islam†
0505-491 Traumatic Images
0505-500 African-American Art
0505-504 Memory/Memorial/Monuments
0505-505 Art in the Age of the New Deal
0505-506 Museums of Art and Design
0505-507 Landscape Transformed
0505-516 Queer Looks

* Special Topics (0505-452) may include any of the following: American Architecture, Queer Looks I, Queer Looks II, Harlem Renaissance, Visual Culture, Reading Images, Traumatic Images, Art of Dying.

† Special Topics (0505-487) may include the following: Persian/Turkish/Mughal Traditions or Art of Islam: Arabic Tradition.

College of Imaging Arts and Science
Choose three of the following:
2039-300 History of Design
2039-306 Architecture, Interiors, and Furniture History I
2039-307 Architecture, Interiors, and Furniture History II
2039-308 Architecture, Interiors, and Furniture History III
2039-310 History of Crafts
2039-315 Pre-Columbian Art
2039-330 Philosophy of Art
2039-335 15th Century Art and Architecture in Florence and Rome
2039-340 Symbols and Symbol Making
2039-345 16th Century Art and Architecture in Florence and Rome
2039-355 Latin American Art
2039-360 18th and 19th Century Art
2039-365 20th Century Art (1900-1950)
2039-368 Scandinavian Modernism
2039-375 20th Century Art Since 1950
2039-376 Renaissance Painting/Flanders
2039-385 Installation Art
2039-390 Native American Art and Culture
2039-395 Theory and Criticism of 20th Century Art
2039-410 The Art of Art History
2039-415 Thinking About Making Art
2039-425 Public Art/Public Space
2039-430 Dada and Surrealism
2039-433 What Is Postmodernism?
2039-435 Art of the Last Decade
2039-438 Body in Art
2039-440 Conceptual Art
2039-450 Pop Art and Pop Culture
2039-452 Art and Activism
2039-459 Art of Central Italy 1250-1400
2039-469 Baroque Rome
2039-553 Special Topics*

* Special Topics (2039-553) may include any of the following: Gothic Art in Europe, Russian Art, Arts and Crafts Movement, Castles and Cathedrals, Global Visual Culture, Streamlining America, The Gothic Revival, Displaying Gender, The Russian Avant Garde 1850-1960, Passion for Porcelain.