Carving his path: Professor’s wooden figures featured in upcoming book

The colorful, masterful craftsmanship of an RIT School for American Crafts instructor has been paired with the brilliance of an award-winning poet to create a book that’s set for an April release.

Receipt is a collaboration between SAC furniture design and woodworking professor Andy Buck and poet Carl Adamshick. Published by Lost Horse Press and distributed by University of Washington Press, Receipt is slated to be available beginning next month.

For the work, Buck carved wooden figures that were designed alongside the copy to complement it. Photography for Receipt was done by School of Photographic Arts and Sciences Assistant Professor Rachel Jerome Ferraro and RIT University Photographer Elizabeth Torgerson-Lamark.

The book is sure to be a powerful design-poetry combination given the co-authors’ eminence in their respective fields.

Buck’s artwork has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the country, with his work being included in the permanent collections at the Museum of Arts and Design (New York City), Fuller Craft Museum (Brockton, Mass.) and the Boston Public Library. He is also the recipient of the Mid Atlantic Arts fellowship.

Adamshick, meanwhile, is a former Walt Whitman Award winner who has taught at Catlin Gabel School in Portland, Ore., and lectured at both Stanford University and the American International School in Vienna.

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