Hospitality and Tourism Management Club Volunteers on the National Stage

Lili McCluskey ‘22 (hospitality), Manee Souphavanh ‘23 (hospitality), and Carter Benedict ‘24 (hospitality) volunteered at the HITEC conference hosted in Orlando from June 27-30.

Attending HITEC conferences is one of the many opportunities hospitality students have to get experiential learning. Many opportunities come from Saunders student clubs. The HFTP student club at Saunders College has participated in the following HITEC conferences:

Events City Dates Participating Students
HITEC 2017 Toronto, CN June 26-29 Linden Pohland
65th Annual Convention Orlando, FL October 25-27

Linden Pohland

HITEC 2018 Houston, TX June 18-21 Ariel Waasdorp,
Melissa Qualey
HITEC 2019 Minneapolis, MN June 17-20 Christine Basha
HITEC 2020 Virtual October 27-29 N/A
HITEC 2021 Dallas, TX September 27-30 Ndidi Chimah,
Lauren Cybul,
Garett Silva
HITEC 2022 Orlando, FL June 27-30 Manee Souphavanh,
Lili McCluskey,
Carter Benedict
HITEC 2023 Toronto, CN June 26-29, 2023 Unconfirmed