MIS, Marketing and Analytics Department

Learn the creative and analytical science needed to succeed in the increasing technological workforce.

Each major, minor and concentration within the MIS, marketing, and analytics department explores the impact new technologies have across a wide-range of businesses. You will gain an understanding of how technology can bolster business functions and learn new ways to incorporate technology to enhance efficiency and execution.

Led by our advisory boards, courses reflect the latest in business trends, including big data, analytics, and business intelligence. Applied learning experiences will give you a hands-on understanding of how to improve operational efficiency, reach and engage with new audiences, add value to existing products and systems, and stimulate future innovation.

At the intersection of business and technology, Saunders graduates are prepared to enter the business world. A relevant curriculum and cutting-edge research allows you to examine these areas both at the fundamental and applied levels.

Department Chair

Sean Hansen

Department Chair
There is an explosion of interest in big data and business intelligence, precisely where marketing and MIS intersect. Employers seek our graduates who deliver unique skill sets to excel in this needed capacity. This is an amazing time to be in this area.

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Research Spotlight - Digital Transformation, with Emi Moriuchi

Research Spotlight - Digital Transformation, with Emi Moriuchi: This paper investigates consumers' motivation to use smart technologies controlled by voice conversational agents and how that impacts their perceived hedonic and utilitarian value, which eventually leads to their satisfaction with smart technologies usage.

Research Spotlight - Digital Transformation, with Sean Hansen

Research Spotlight - Digital Transformation, with Sean Hansen: The growing use of algorithmic decision-making systems (ADMS) presents significant ethical challenges best examined through structured theoretical approaches like consequentialism, deontology, and virtue ethics.

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