Awards & Grants

COLA Student Travel Fund

College of Liberal Arts Student Travel Fund

The COLA Liberal Arts Travel fund has two main purposes:

1) To support student travel to present original papers at conferences, up to a maximum of $500

2) To encourage study or research abroad, up to a maximum of $750

Application Process – Conference Presentation:

The Student must submit a proposal for travel to present a paper at a professional conference.  The proposal must include:

· The title of the conference, dates, and location

· A detailed budget; eligible expenses include conference registration, transportation, accommodations, and meals. (If students are presenting with other students, shared accommodations will be preferred when possible).  Maximum grant amount is $500.

· Written evidence that the paper was accepted for presentation.

· The proposal must be accompanied by an approval form signed by the sponsoring faculty or the student’s advisor and the student’s home department chair.

These funds cannot be applied retroactively, so students are encouraged to plan ahead with their faculty sponsor.

Application Process – Study Abroad/International Research

All applications for study abroad support should include:

1. A brief description of no more than 300 words regarding the travel, its purpose and its value to the student’s educational or professional enrichment.

2. The duration of the period to be spent abroad.

3. A budget itemizing expenses. Maximum grant amount is $750.

4. Proof of acceptance into a study abroad program or approval of the research project if working with outside sponsors at the time of application.  Note the degree of your language preparation, if applicable.

5. Approval of the student’s adviser and department chair.

Application Due Date*

Decision Due Date

Eligible Dates for Travel

Timeframe for Expending funds

Student Report with Detail of Expenditures Due

Due Dates for Receipts Submitted to the Dean’s Office

September 10

September 20

October 1– June 30 of the same academic year

Current Fiscal Year

September 1 of year award is received

June 15 of the year award is received

February 15

February 25

March 1 - June 30 of the same academic year

Current Fiscal Year

September 1 of year award is received

June 15 of the year award is received

*All applications are to be submitted electronically to Associate Dean LaVerne McQuiller Williams at