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Legal Studies Minor Requirements

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Recognizing the critical role that law plays in societies, the minor in legal studies is designed to provide students with courses that will deepen and expand their understanding of law as practiced, especially its influence on social, political, and economic institutions.

Required Course
Choose one of the following:
   CRIM-215    Law and Society
   POLS-200    Law and Society
Choose four of the following:*
   COMM-342    Communication Law and Ethics
   COMM-362    Law and Ethics of the Press
   CRIM-225    Criminal Law
   CRIM-260    Courts
   CRIM-315    Evidence
   CRIM-489    Major Issues in Criminal Justice
   PHIL-205    Symbolic Logic
   PHIL-304    Philosophy of Law
   PHIL-403    Social and Political Philosophy
   POLS-325    International Law and Organizations
   POLS-330    Human Rights in Global Perspective
   POLS-425    Constitutional Law
   POLS-430    Constitutional Rights and Liberties
   POLS-460    Classical Constitutionalism, Virtue, and Law
   POLS-464    Modern Constitutionalism, Liberty, and Equality
   SOCI-310    U.S. Housing Policy

* Students majoring in communication, criminal justice, philosophy, or political science may only count one course from their home department toward the requirements of the minor.

To declare a minor in Criminal Justice, go to the Registrar's forms website and complete the Minor Aurhtorization/Change form.  Return the completed form to the College of Liberal Arts, Office of Student Services located in Liberal Arts Hall (LBR) Room 2210 or contact (585) 475-2444,