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Concert Highlight

RIT Singers: Spring Concert

RIT Singers, conducted by Dr. Christopher Petit, will present a program of innovative choral repertoire. DanceSing! Old and new choral music based on dance forms: yes, classical music with groovin' beats! Our RIT musicians perform repertoire from the Baroque era to the present that use traditional dance forms and that will infect our limbs with a desire to move! A cantata from the 1600's sounds like jazz; songs in Portuguese use Latin dance rhythms; a Gaelic tune invokes Celtic dance; an Arabic prayer starts slowly but ends as fast as possible; and, a contemporary "Women's Magazine Tango" gets a little wild.

Saturday, April 27, 2019 - 3:00pm

Faculty Profile

Meet Mr. Pablo Willey-BustosAdjunct Faculty in Applied Music (Voice)

When did you join RIT?
I began teaching Applied Music in the Fall of 2010.

What do you like best about RIT?
The students! For many students, applied music study offers an opportunity to foster gifts outside the scope of their various major simultaneously allowing a respite from their highly demanding academics. I am privileged to teach a studio of talented students who are excited to learn about music and singing. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your musical journey!

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