Labs and Technology Resources

Open Lab Hours


Open labs in GOL 2000/2025 are open 8a-midnight each day except when a class is utilizing the lab.  Please contact with any questions.

Teaching Assistants

Everyone struggles with assignments and understanding concepts from courses. Instructors are available for assistance, but additional support is provided for IGM students by your teaching assistant.

GCCIS Tutoring Center

The GCCIS Tutoring Center is a central location where any student taking courses in the introductory programming sequences offered within GCCIS can get help.

Visit the Tutoring Center webpage

Lab Hardware/Software

We are often asked about the hardware and software that is available in the labs. We use many different software packages (both open source and paid), and have listed the major software packages available for all IGM student use in the labs.

Reminder: ALL IGM Students have access to for free personal use of Microsoft Operating Systems and software. (Note, Microsoft Office is not available).


We currently have 300+ computers in our labs for student and curricular use. Additionally, we have an audio lab dedicated to allowing students to record audio for their projects and curriculum.


The lab PCs have the following minimum specifications and are purchased from Dell and Velocity Micro


Intel I7 – 940 2.8Ghz to Intel I7 – Haswell 3.7GHz


6GB DDR3 to 16GB DDR4

Hard Drive



NVidia GTX 480 to Nvidia GTX 970


Dual 22” Widescreen


This is a partial list of the software available to students for use in the IGM labs

  • 3DS Max
  • Ableton Live
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Autodesk (Maya, Sketchbook Pro, Mudbox)
  • Arduino
  • Audacity
  • EAGLE Layout Editor
  • Eclipse
  • FreeGLUT
  • JDK+ Netbeans
  • Jgrasp
  • Lua
  • MonoDevelop and Monogame
  • Office 2016
  • Processing
  • Python
  • SQL Server Compact and Management Studio
  • Unity 3D Pro & Development
  • Visual Studio Ultimate

Downloadable Software

All IGM students taking courses with our department have access to the Microsoft Dreamspark (formerly known as MSDNAA). This allows IGM students free Microsoft Operating Systems and software for use on their personal devices. Office365 is available for current RIT students and more information is available here.

You may access Microsoft Dreamspark by entering your RIT Account Name and password if you are a currently enrolled IGM student.

If you are an alumni or not enrolled in classes, you will not be able to access Dreamspark or Office365.

Note: Many other departments on the RIT campus also subscribe to the Microsoft Dreamspark program. Please contact your home department if you are not enrolled in an IGM degree program to determine if they have this subscription for you. Otherwise, if you have any issues, please contact

Lab Student Employment

Want to work for the IGM department as a Teaching Assistant, Grader or Lab Worker? Here’s what you need to know:

Teaching Assistant/Grader

We use Teaching Assistants (TA) and Graders to assist faculty with large class sizes to ensure students receive the attention and time they need. Faculty are not guaranteed a Teaching Assistant or Grader for each course offered in the semester as it is determined by various factors through the department and chair.

If you are interested in being a Teaching Assistant or Grader, you may speak with the individual faculty assigned to the next semester course to express your interest. All faculty who are approved a TA or Grader for their course by the chair, select the students they would like to assist them in the approved class

Note: Teaching Assistant and Grader positions are on a semester basis only and no guarantee is made by the department on continued employment.

Recommendation? If you are taking a class currently and will receive an A or B in it. Have the drive to assist your fellow students with learning (without giving them the answers or doing it for them), then speak with your current professor about being their TA in the future. If they are interested, they will either speak with you more about it, or may recommend you to another professor that they know is in need of assistance.

Lab Worker

Description of duties:

Our lab workers are responsible for providing access to IGM labs for scheduled open hour student use. Their duties include:

  • Opening and closing the labs (We are open 7 days a week).
  • Ensuring students are using the facilities appropriately
  • Tutoring support for approved classes
  • Other duties and projects to improve the department and labs as needed.

If you are interested in being a lab worker, applications are accepted between week 12 and 14 of each semester. To apply, send your resume, cover letter to

Note: Lab Worker positions are on a per semester basis. No guarantee is made of continuing employment as positions are determined by departmental need and student availability

Lab Reservations

If you are an IGM student / faculty or staff, you may want to use our facilities for an event or club meeting. To reserve a lab:

  1. Complete the lab reservation electronic form
  2. You must:
    1. Be an IGM student, faculty or staff.
    2. If you are an IGM student or club, you must have:
      1. Club President / Vice President is an IGM Lab Worker or IGM Graduate Assistant  who will be there the entire time. OR
      2. An IGM faculty member(s) who will be at the lab reserve time for the entire session.
  3. Ensure if the PCs are to be used, that all students have IGM student accounts or they will be unable to use the facilities.


Now that you are past your first year, you know what will work best for you for completing assignments and traveling to and from class (through Rochester winters!). The IGM department has an agreement with Dell to allow IGM students to purchase Alienware Desktops and Laptops at a lower price.

Dell online (note you will need your RIT login credentials)

Apple Products Digital Den or online ---

The Microsoft MSDNAA (now known as Dreamspark provides currently enrolled IGM students with access to various Microsoft Operating systems and software (ex. Visual Studio) for free use during their student career at RIT. Microsoft does NOT provide Microsoft Office in this subscription. Microsoft Office365 is provided to currently enrolled students for free.

Each semester we set lab hours by student use. Lab workers take hourly counts of the students using labs and we then use that along with previous semesters to determine when optimal open hours should be. We are open seven days a week and open most days late evenings to accommodate student needs.

We are here to assist you whenever possible. If you have a concern with the labs, hardware, software or personnel, you may contact the following people:

  • Lab Hardware / Software issue: Lab assistant on duty as they can provide quick responses or assistance. Or email the system administrators at
  • Personnel concerns – email the lab manager at