ActivePay Self Directed Tutorials

Access to PNC’s Online Resource Center

This supportive tool is available on PNC Corporate and Institutional Resource Center which is accessible at: (link needs fixing).

You will need to register the FIRST time you use this online resource center. To register click the Register button:

PNC Register


You will be taken to this registration screen:

PNC Register Info
  • Type in your RIT email address
  • Type in your first and last name
  • For the Company Name enter: Rochester Institute of Technology
  • For the Company User ID enter: RIT
  • Click the “Other C&IB Training” button

Once registered, the next time you access this site, you will just enter your Email Address and select “Other C&IB Training” and it will take you to:

PNC Homepage


On the left hand side of the screen there is a column of clickable options. Click the link “ActivePay” under the Card Services section.

Select ActivePay


You will be taken to the ActivePay Training & Resources page:

PNC ActivePay Resources


The card holder demos are the first set of videos under the Demo sections. Please watch all 8 demos included in the “Card Services – ActivePay Cardholder” table.

ActivePay Demos


To launch the video click the “Launch” hyperlink to the right of the video title. This will take you to a new screen:

Loaded Demo


Click on the “Click here to launch the course…” link to begin the video.

Click to Launch Course


A new window will be launched and your screen may grey-out for a few seconds while the video is loading:

New tutorial window


Once the video is complete you will need to exit out of the video window. You will need to triple click the back button to return to the ActivePay Training & Resources page. Continue watching the videos until you have successfully completed all 8 demos.

The average demo video is only 1-2 minutes, so please, turn up your volume and sit back and enjoy!