How to Prepare and Submit the Procurement Card Monthly Statement, Receipts and Signed Certification


The Accounting Operations department will review all procurement card monthly statements, accompanying receipts and signed certifications electronically. The original documents will be retained by the department where the transactions originated for the full fiscal year. Once the year-end audit is complete and the financial statements are issued the following November, the original documents may be destroyed.

What do I need to do?

  • Make an electronic copy of the card statement, the original receipts, and the signed certification.
  • Use the format below for the email subject line and the filename:
    last name, first name_last 4 digits card number_month
    For example: Controller’s Office, Dept_3199_Aug 21 Kobie, Erin_1234_Aug 21
  • Order the documents as follows:
    1. PNC Procard statement,
    2. PNC Expense Log report (including business purposes),
    3. Receipts in the order they appear on Procard statement (with business purpose noted, if not in expense log), and
    4. Fully signed monthly certification.
      1. For appropriate level of signature approval see HR Supervisory Reporting Chart. University-Organizational-Charts.
  • Submit the electronic copy to by the established deadline. For additional information about due dates visit Procurement Card Schedule.
  • Keep all original documentation (monthly statement, receipts, and signed certification) for the fiscal year until the year-end audit is complete and the financial statements are issued the following November. You will receive a notification from Accounting Operations when the original documents can be destroyed.

If you have any questions about this process, or if you require additional information, please contact University Procurement Card Administrator at or