Instructions to Delegate Approval Limit Amounts (ALA)

Approval limit amounts (ALA) for designated employees are delegated from their supervisor according to the RIT Signatory Authority policy. Delegation and approval of these limits is enabled through Oracle self-serve.
Approval Limit Amount (ALA) delegation:
The ALA will be delegated by the supervisor through specific access in Oracle self-serve – RIT Approval Limit Delegation. This access will be automatically added to each supervisor when they have an ALA delegated to them. The supervisor will be able to delegate an ALA that is less than or equal to their own ALA to an employee that is a direct or indirect report in their supervisory hierarchy. The supervisor of the employee delegating the ALA must approve the delegation. In addition a supervisor can change or remove any ALA of one of their employees.
1. Select RIT Approval Limit Delegation
2. Select the employee to delegate to and select Action
3. Select Add
          a. Select Update or Delete for any changes
4. Select the Dollar Limit (use % to see the list of available limit amounts)
5. Select Apply
6. Select Next
7. Select Submit
Once approved the ALA will be added/updated on the employee record.
For additional information, go to the Human Resources web page.