Self-Service & Access Requests - Manager

Your Dean, Director or Department Head will determine what level of access you need to the Oracle HR employee data in your College/Division to effectively do your job. The access will be granted by assigning the appropriate Oracle Responsibility (role). Manager Self-Service responsibilities are typically used by department or college administrative positions who oversee data outside their own direct report structure. RIT Supervisor Self-Serve responsibility provides access to employment data for a supervisor's direct reports.

Both Manager Self-Service and Supervisor Self-Service also allow for limited transaction processing on employee records. Available functionality is shown the chart below along with the method of gaining access.

Once your access request has been approved and processed, you can log in to Self-Service through (off campus use requires VPN)

Additional Assistance with Manager Self-Service and FAQ


Run reports related to staff employment, salary and contact data

Change employee's supervisor (via Standard Manager or Supervisor Self-Service)

View employee work and salary history

RIT Supervisor Self Serve
This reponsibility is automatically assigned to all individuals who have direct reports in the Oracle HR system. It includes access to information on direct reports only. Access to open positions is NOT available through this responsibility. Open positions are only available through Manager Self-Service.

Request Access to Manager Self-Service
Paper form required.

MSS Confidentiality Agreement
Must be completed once when access to Oracle is granted.

Organization Charts
The charts will show the reporting structure within the Oracle system.


Process an adjunct payment

Process an online special assignment entry

Process a Summer Salary Pay entry

Self-Request access to RIT Employee/Adjunct Payment Entry
Used for adjunct, special assignment and summer salary processing.

Change employee costing ("online EAF")

Career Zone Requisition and Applicant Management System

View applicants for jobs where you are involved as manager, admin or on a search team

All regular employees are given access to the Career Zone system. Employees with direct reports are automatically given access to the full Requisition and Applicant Management functionality. If you do not have access to creating requisitions and updating applicant statuses and you need that level of access for your job, you may self-request the Career Zone Requisition and Applicant Management access through Oracle.

Note: Career Zone is NOT an Oracle responsibility, but as a convenience, we have created a self request process in Oracle.