Instructions for downloading & uploading a Journal Entry Template into Excel

Instructions for downloading a Journal Entry Template into Excel
The “Launch Journal Entry Wizard” allows the user to create actual, budget or encumbrance journal entry templates in Excel. This function is available to users with access to the “RIT – GL – Journal Entry” or the ‘General Ledger Supervisor” responsibilities.  The journal entry wizard should be used in place of any paper forms for journal entries.
  1. Launch Journal Wizard Options:
    1. From the Oracle Login page:
      1. Click on the journal entry responsibility listed on the left side of the Oracle homepage
      2. To the right of the list of responsibilities, beneath the “Journals” section, click on the “Launch Journal Wizard” function.
    2. From the Oracle Navigator screen:
      1. On the “Function” tab, click on the “Journals” function to expand it.
      2. Double click on the “Launch Journal Wizard” function.
  2. Select the je template from the “Layout” drop down list. Note: only selecta layout that specifically references “RIT” in the title
  3. Keep “Content” field as “none”.
  4. Click the “Create Document” button.
  5. Click on the “Open” button from the window at the bottom of the screen.
  6. For Excel 2013, click the “Enable Editing” button.
  7. Depending on your version of Excel, click the “Enable Macros” or “Enable Content” buttons to enable Macros.
  8. Once the Journal Entry template has finished downloading into Excel click the “Close” button to close the Download window.
Instructions for uploading completed template from Excel into Oracle
Once a template is completed it must be uploaded into the general ledger. Certain object codes can only be uploaded by Controller’s Office and Budget personnel. (Refer to “Helpful Tips” below). In addition, prior to creating the entry the user should be certain that all 24-digit account combinations used in the entry are enabled (contact Accounting Operations; ext. 52237 for assistance). Use of restricted object codes and/or incorrect account combinations will result in an unsuccessful upload. 
  1. Once the Journal Entry is completed, click on “ADD-INS” from the menu located at the top of the template.
  2. Click on “Oracle”, at the far left in the ribbon that opens below.
  3. Click on “Upload” from the dropdown menu
  4. When the “Journals Upload” window appears, click on the “Upload” button found at the bottom right of that window. The upload process will begin. * Do not make any changes to the settings or interrupt the process*
  5. Once the upload process is complete you will receive a “Confirmation” that will inform you if the upload was successful or if it failed.
    1. If successful, you will receive a confirmation ID # that will now be included as part of the batch name in the general ledger.
    2. If the upload failed, please review the template to see which combination(s) did not upload and make the necessary corrections. *A template will not successfully upload until all combinations are enabled*.
  6. Once the template is successfully uploaded, attach it to an email and send it to along with any required approvals/back-up.
    Helpful Tips.
  • Save template as a macro-enabled worksheet (*.xlsm) so that it can be used again.
  • Save it in an electronic file that is easily accessible.
  • Common object codes restricted to the Controller’s and Budget staff include: 16200, 16250, 52000,54100,63000 – 63999,71250,72050,87107,90230, 90340,90341,90345.