New Student Dining Resources

New Student Dining Resources

Learn about RIT Dining's meal plans, payment types, and other resources and tools to help you easily adjust to dining at RIT.

Key Resources

Meal Plans

Our meal plans are designed to meet your diverse dining needs and eating habits. Our plans provide great value and flexibility for catching a meal on the go or enjoying a sit-down meal.

How to Use Your Meal Plan
  • All meal plans are funds comprised of Dining Dollars. The meal plan you select determines how many Dining Dollars are in your account at the beginning of the semester.
  • Dining Dollars are used to purchase perishable and non-perishable groceries and food items only.
  • Make sure to check your balance regularly at It is your responsibility to budget your spending each week.
You can enroll and manage your meal plans and housing contract through the MyLife online portal. 
Payment Types
We offer a variety of payment methods to make purchasing on-campus convenient and fast.
Tiger Spend
An online portal where you can manage your dining funds.
Tiger Pay
Tiger Pay, found in Tiger Spend, utilizes mobile payment technology for in-person purchases from your smart device. A unique barcode generates each time you log into Tiger Spend.
Nutrition and Allergens
RIT Dining is dedicated to educating you about eating well on campus. Our program provides information and resources on nutrition, healthy living,
special dietary restrictions and needs, food allergies, and healthy options.
Care Packages

Our care packages are an exclusive gift service offered to the on-campus community. Themed care packages are available during specific times of the year that highlight the spirit of the university. We also help families celebrate special occasions with cookies, cakes, cupcakes, pizzas, and balloons. Vegan and gluten-free options are available. 

RIT Dining partners with the RIT Service Center to provide a single, efficient point of contact for questions and requests. We also have a responsive team who manages the RIT Dining Facebook and Instagram accounts. Our team is here to help answer your questions. 


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