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Remanufacturing at UNEP is focus of Nasr interview

  How the International Resource Panel (IRP) of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) is furthering the environmental, social and business case for remanufacturing and the circular economy model is the subject of an interview of Dr. Nabil Nasr, RIT Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Director of GIS, appearing in the August 2015 issue of Reman Industry News, a Chinese-English bilingual e-publication that covers remanufacturing, sustainability and the circular economy. The article describes the IRP, to which Dr. Nasr was appointed in 2014, and how the panel investigates and reports on critical global resource issues, informing, advising and developing practical recommendations for government policy makers, industry and society. Currently, the IRP is compiling a report on remanufacturing's potential contribution to resource efficiency and innovation in the circular economy, and Dr. Nasr explains that, "China is one of four countries reviewed for its potential to benefit from the adoption of remanufacturing. We believe this report will validate the potential of remanufacturing in China’s economy and importance for its environmental conservation."


GIS' Nabil Nasr and Cat Reman on Manufacturing Talk Radio

   Dr. Nabil Nasr, RIT Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Director of GIS joined John Disharoon, Director of Market Access for Caterpillar’s Cat Reman business unit for an hour of live panel discussion about the roles of remanufacturing operations in sustainability initiatives on Manufacturing Talk Radio on Tuesday, August 11, 2015. The "ReManufacturing and Sustainability” episode was moderated by Manufacturing Radio's co-hosts Tim Grady and Lew Weiss. According to Manufacturing Radio, this internet radio session would help listeners better understand the "intricate elements and challenges of the remanufacturing process today, and hear all about the R&D for tomorrow that will insure manufacturers keep non-renewable resources in circulation and costs down long after the original product would have hit the landfill." Since its launch in 2013, Manufacturing Radio has presented breaking news, emerging technology, business trends and economic forecasts to 100,000+ live and podcast listeners.


GIS receives $495K NIST grant to advance remanufacturing

gaustadThe National Institute of Standards and Technology recently announced that the Golisano Institute for Sustainability will receive a nearly half-million-dollar grant to help accelerate the growth of U.S. advanced manufacturing by developing a “technology roadmap” to expand and advance the capabilities and competitiveness of America’s remanufacturing industry. For this project, GIS is partnering with Energetics, Inc., a major technology and management consulting firm based in Columbia, MD. The first step in the project will be forming a consortium steering committee comprised of leaders from prominent U.S. remanufacturing industry groups and remanufacturing companies. The committee will work to identify and solve high-priority technological challenges faced by remanufacturers. This will be followed by input workshops, surveys, and site visits to remanufacturers to collect data that will be used as the basis of a white paper, which will be used as a foundation for further workshop discussions. GIS Director Dr. Nabil Nasr said, “A very significant result of this work is that the government, by awarding us this grant, is recognizing the reman industry as a critical industry with significant potential in support the U.S. economy. This represents a historic victory for the entire reman sector.” For more information on the NIST grant to GIS, read or download the RIT news release here.


MSNBC spotlights RIT remanufacturing

  GIS facilities, students, staff and Institute Director Dr. Nabil Nasr were featured recently on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" news and talk program, which focused on the resurgence of the remanufacturing industry in general and in Rochester and at RIT in particular. The program included video clips of equipment in use in GIS' new Digital Manufacturing & Product Realization Lab (see story below). Speaking on the positive values of reman, Dr. Nasr stated that it is "cheaper, has a lower environmental footprint, and delivers the same quality and reliability that you'd expect in a new product." Also featured was Deborah Stendardi, RIT Vice President, Government and Community Relations, who underlined how the Institute had become an important driver for economic growth in the region and New York State. Following the prerecorded GIS segment, Caterpillar’s Stu Levenick and the Alliance for American Manufacturing’s Scott Paul discussed the state of the U.S. reman industry and its prospects for growth. To view the program segment, visit MSNBC's website here.


GIS Director presents at World Reman Summit

 The Second World Remanufacturing Summit in Shanghai was attended by GIS Director and RIT Associate Provost Dr. Nabil Nasr, who delivered the meeting's keynote address on December 3. Dr. Nasr's presentation, "Assessment of Remanufacturing Environmental and Energy Benefits – An In-depth Analysis," described remanufacturing as a process that can offer life-cycle energy benefits in the case of powered products. He presented detailed case studies involving the remanufacturing of printer cartridges and diesel engines—including the product characteristics that affect the life-cycle energy benefits of the two products. He also quantified the benefits of remanufacturing both of them. This Summit meeting was a follow-on to the initial World Remanufacturing Summit, which was held at the University of Beyreuth, Germany. For more information on the Second World Remanufacturing Summit, view or download the RIT news release available here.


Lund Remanufacturer Database Transitions to C3R®

 A database of North American remanufacturing companies, compiled by reman industry research pioneer Robert T. Lund of Boston University, is now entrusted to the Center for Remanufacturing and Resource Recovery at GIS. Beginning in the early 1980s and over the course of 30 years, Robert Lund identified and certified thousands of U.S. and Canadian firms as “remanufacturers,” recording details of their industrial operations and outputs in a database that eventually totaled more than 7000 company entries. C3R® founder and GIS Director Dr. Nabil Nasr said, “This database is a unique and remarkable body of investigative scholarship representing decades of hard work by Bob Lund. Everyone in the remanufacturing industry owes Bob a debt of gratitude for his vision and steadfast dedication in compiling this impressive work. We are honored and delighted that Bob has entrusted the Center for Remanufacturing and Resource Recovery to carry on his work and lead this project forward.”