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Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Bachelor of Science

At RIT, you can earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography (Ultrasound) in two or four years, including your internship, depending on prior education and experiences. If you're a high school graduate who meets requirements, you may enter a three- year program provided with training in basic science, general education, and specialized coursework in ultrasound, followed by a one year clinical internship.

Associate degree graduates and registered or certified practitioners from a related allied health field can earn a BS degree by entering a two-year, upper-division curriculum including the clinical internship as long as the prior education and experience fulfill the first two years of the program.

If you have taken courses at a college or university or thinking of taking some towards the Bachelor of Science degree, please contact the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program Director  ( to help ensure a smooth course credit transfer occurs.

Courses Course Number Credit Hours
First Year
General Biology I, II BIOL-101, 102 6
General Biology Lab I, II BIOL-103,104 2
LAS Perspective 7A: Pre-Calculus MATH 111 3
LAS Perspective 7B: Introduction to Statistics STAT-145 3
Computers in Medicine MEDI-130 3
LAS Foundation 2: Writing Seminar ENG-150 3
LAS Foundation 1: First-Year Seminar   3
LAS Perspective 1, 2, 3   9
Second Year
LAS Perspective 5, 6: College Physics I, II PHYS-111, 112 8
Human Anatomy and Physiology I, II MEDS-250, 251 8
Language of Medicine MEDS-201 3
Medical Genetics MEDS-245 3
LAS Perspective 4   3
LAS Immersion 1   3
Free Elective   3
Third Year
Human Cross Sectional Anatomy DMSO-312 3
Sonography Physics and Instrumentation I, II DMSO-309, 310 6
Sonographic Scanning Skills and Techniques I, II DMSO-301, 302 6
Pathophysiology I MEDS-415 3
Patient Care MEDS-333 2
LAS Immersion 2, 3   6
Free Elective   3
Fourth Year (Internship)
Obstetrical Sonography I, II DMSO-452, 454 6
Gynecological Sonography DMSO-453 3
Abdominal and Small Parts Sonography I, II DMSO-456, 457 6
Administration and Research in Sonography (WI) DMSO-460 3
Sonographic Vascular Evaluation DMSO-414 3
Clinical Sonography I, II DMSO-570, 571 12


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