Alumni Spotlights



Through RIT Kosovo I have been introduced to an education system which enhances creative and critical thinking, effective decision-making and which amplifies leadership potential, all resulting in my career

Dafina Olluri, '13
Deputy Director
Open Data Kosovo


RIT Kosovo has given me the foundation and preparation to become the best version of myself, through challenging courses and a dynamic student life

Eris Çunaku, '19
HR/Administration Specialist at KODE Labs
Kosovo Attaché at Young European Ambassadors


RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) has made me aware of always thinking outside the box and has complemented my studies at the KSF Academy. The friendships that I have created at A.U.K will last forever.

Major Vegim Krelani ‘09
Officer in the Kosovo Security Force
Currently Attending the U.S. Army Command
and General Staff College


RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) practices the highest standard of education through supportive and experienced professors that added value to my career. My knowledge and experience expanded and encouraged me to follow my dream as an entrepreneur.

Bardha Ajvazi ‘12
Co-Founder / CEO


RIT-K created an ever-inquisitive environment in which I was encouraged to pursue intellectually challenging ideas while being held accountable for my findings in a very rigorous manner. The academic conversations with my professors and my unmatched peers have undoubtedly shaped me into the researcher I am today.

Ardiana Sejfija ‘15
Google Fellow PhD Student
University of Southern California


RIT Kosovo has given me the tools for success in making a big business impact.

Ben Dobroshi ‘15


RIT paved the road to my successive achievements. The knowledge and experience that I gained through my RIT studies is irreplaceable. Without AUK, I wouldn’t be able to be awarded with Erasmus mundus scholarship for master studies and further with Double degree for PHD studies through Tempus project

Lura Rexhepi ‘08
Lecturer of Entrepreneurship and SME Management
University of Prishtina


My time at RIT Kosovo was the perfect training ground where I honed my academic, professional and networking skills, which ultimately allowed me to earn an MBA from a top university in the States, and serve in the leadership of two thriving ventures in Kosovo.

Robert Ejupi ‘17
Chief Operating Officer and Chief Marketing Officer
Sport In


What they don't tell you at the beginning, is that by the end you will also become a problem solver and someone who gets the job done. At RIT Kosovo you learn about determination and courage, and it pushes you to become a visionary, through triggering your curiosity and potential to inspire those around you

Edona Hajrullahu ‘10
Deputy Ombudsperson
‎Ombudsperson Institution
Leonita Krasniqi


RIT Kosovo has prepared me to tackle challenges in simple and innovative ways. My advice to students: explore all the opportunities RIT Kosovo offers you! You'll be nothing but amazed afterwards.

Leonita Krasniqi ‘20
Executive Assistant
Agon Nixha


RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) and the opportunities that it offers have played a decisive role in shaping my professional career and aspirations. I remember A.U.K days with great nostalgia.

Agon Nixha ‘11
Economic Development
Development Consultant


RIT Kosovo has taught me to always be conscientious and show excellent commitment to all tasks required to successfully complete a mission. Moreover, during my studies at RIT Kosovo, I understood that education itself does not make individuals successful but the network is what helps you take the right moves to succeed in your  career path.

Arben Sahiti ‘07
Faculty of Economics, Public University ‘
"Kadri Zeka" Gjilan
Assistant Professor


With it’s highly demanding program, RIT Kosovo has shown me the path toward success by helping me excel on leadership and professional skills.

Vesa Recica, '20
Head - white label coding
IT Project Manager


One of the things I value most about RIT Kosovo, is that curriculums and programs are developed with a clear view on helping their students make an easy transition and become very competitive in the labor market. On top of that, I was very fortunate to create a valuable network with peers and esteemed professors.

Visar Hapciu, '12
Powerpack LLC
General Manager


RITK’s holistic approach to teaching economics and public policy has enabled me to think in systems when dealing with complex professional challenges .Graduating from RITK has been a key stepping stone in my career path.

Enisa Serhati, '11
UNDP Istanbul Innovation Days & UNDP Kosovo
Project Manager


RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) gave me access to a world class American education and professors who helped me strengthen my organizational and leadership skills and become who I am today.

Abetare Gojani, '12
IPKO Foundation
Program Director


RIT Kosovo was a turning point in my educational career that opened new doors for me. I was fortunate enough to build strong friendships and create a network of professionals who are still a substantial part of my life and career.

Begatim Berisha, '16
Ministry of Finance, Republic of Kosovo
IT Analyst


RIT Kosovo instilled in me two valuable attributes: confidence and strong work ethic. So far, a combination of these two has helped me realize the best version of myself in personal and professional settings.

Donika Sollova, '19
XPR Consulting


RIT Kosovo has ultimately shaped me into the individual I currently am - it has drastically improved my work ethic and professionalism, my research and learning abilities, and most importantly  has given me a broad range of networking and professional opportunities. These values further continue to assist me in my everyday endeavours even after my RIT Kosovo education career.

Don Kelmendi, '19
Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo
Know Your Customer (KYC) Operations


RIT Kosovo was a huge stepping stone to the career I always dreamed of. Through honing my research, analytical, and problem-solving skills, it enabled me to continue my education at Cambridge University, and to now work towards tackling the most pressing development and social inclusion challenges in Kosovo.

Engji Susuri '16
The World Bank
Economic and Social Development 


RIT Kosovo gave me the tools to be successful in a variety of international jobs and ultimately pursue a higher education.

Ervina Hakaj, '17
Teaching Assistant, Business Analytics at TUM
Pursuing a masters in Management and 
Technology at TUM


Aside from the knowledge gained and the friendships I cherish, RIT Kosovo taught me how to think critically about various issues and how to work with others in finding solutions to different problems. These skills have been fundamental in everything I did since I graduated.

Brikena Avdyli, '11
Jahjaga Foundation
Executive Director


The education at RIT Kosovo and the Co-Ops which I finished as part of my degree equipped me with practical skills and knowledge that helped me thrive in my graduate studies and in the workplace. Most importantly, at RIT Kosovo, I have met amazing friends and faculty members whom I want to thank for all the help and laughter they gave during my undergrad.

Hana Bacaj, '17
Luxembourg Development Cooperation Agency
National Research Expert for VET - KSV/801


In RIT Kosovo I experienced the first example of a prestigious educational institution. The professionalism demonstrated by our professors and the staff, created an ideal environment to prepare us for the future. Therefore, I avail this opportunity to thank them for their dedication and commitment to us.

Manushaqe Nura, '12
Bilateral Cooperation Officer for Defense and Security Affairs with the United States
Ministry of Defense