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Diellza Gashi Tresi

Assistant Professor

RIT Kosovo

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Monday-Wednesday 12:45-13:45 Tuesday- Thursday 11:00-12:00
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Office Location: East Corridor Faculty Office, 3rd Floor-306

Diellza Gashi Tresi

Assistant Professor

RIT Kosovo


Dr. Gashi Tresi holds a Ph.D. in Management and Organizations from University of Ljubljana in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She received her MBA in International Business from Saunders College of Business, RIT in Rochester, New York and her Bachelor degree in Business Development and Management at RITK. At RITK, Dr.Gashi Tresi teaches management related courses such as Managing the Workforce, Introduction to Logistics and Transportation, Principles of Marketing, Exploring Innovation and Innovation Lab. She has more than 10 years of experience in teaching management courses at the university level. Further, she is also an Adjunct Faculty at Saunders College of Business, RIT since 2018. Besides the academic experience, Dr.Gashi Tresi has more than 10 years of experience in project management.

Her research interests include work–family balance, self-efficacy, leader-member exchange, job crafting and organizational citizenship behavior.


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Published scientific conference contribution abstract

MERKU?, Ajda, GASHI TRESI, Diellza, MIHELI?, Katarina Katja. Role identity and work-family conflict : the mediating role of work interrupting non-work behaviors. In: 11th Economic and Business Review conference & SEB LU doctoral conference 2022, online, December 2, 2022 : programme & abstracts. Ljubljana: School of Economics and Business, 2022. Str. 3-4. http://raziskave.ef.uni-lj.si/uploadi/editor/doc/1669792348ProgrammeEBR_Con_2022.pdf. 

GASHI TRESI, Diellza, MIHELI?, Katarina Katja, MERKU?, Ajda. "As your leader describes you, so you are" : leaders' high work expectations and performance of remote workers. In: 20th EAWOP Congress, 11-14 January 2022, Glasgow, Scotland : programme. [S. l.]: European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP), 2022. https://www.eawop2022.org/sessions/.

GASHI TRESI, Diellza, MIHELI?, Katarina Katja, DEMARTINO, Richard, BARBATO, Robert. Career identity and career commitment : exploring gender differences and family characteristics. In: 3rd HR Division International Conference (HRIC), Dublin City University, 9th-11th January 2019 : presentations. 7 str. https://hric2019.exordo.com/programme/presentation/163.

GASHI TRESI, Diellza, MIHELI?, Katarina Katja. The mediating role of self-efficacy in the relationship between job-crafting and work-self facilitation. In: Making knowledge work : [abstracts]. 17th Annual conference of the European Academy of Management, Glasgow, 21st-24th June, 2017. Brussels: European Academy of Management, 2017. 29 str. Euram conference. ISSN 2466-7498. http://2017.euramfullpaper.org/program/search.asp?qs=Diellza.


GASHI TRESI, Diellza, MIHELI?, Katarina Katja. Career identity, career commitment, and self-efficacy : the role of gender and family characteristics. Irish journal of management. Jul. 2023, vol. 42, iss. 1, str. 53-66. ISSN 1649-248X. https://repozitorij.uni-lj.si/IzpisGradiva.php?id=143645, DOI: 10.2478/ijm-2022-0006.

MIHELI?, Katarina Katja, MERKU?, Ajda, VALENCIA HERNANDEZ, Jose Aldo, GASHI TRESI, Diellza. Work is where home is, or vice versa? : a multi-stakeholder lens on nurturing relationships for thriving. Dynamic relationships management journal. 2021, vol. 10, iss. 2, str. 31-46, ilustr. ISSN 2232-5867. http://www.dlib.si/details/URN:NBN:SI:doc-DVSTUXBU, https://repozitorij.uni-lj.si/IzpisGradiva.php?id=134887, DOI: 10.17708/DRMJ.2021.v10n02a03.

GASHI TRESI, Diellza, MIHELI?, Katarina Katja. Going the extra mile : perceived self-efficacy, family-work enrichment, promotion focus, and organisational citizenship behaviour. Društvena istra?ivanja : ?asopis za op?a društvena pitanja. 2020, vol. 29, iss. 4, str. 599-619. ISSN 1330-0288. DOI: 10.5559/di.29.4.05

 GASHI TRESI, Diellza, MIHELI?, Katarina Katja. The roles of self-efficacy and leader-member exchange in the relationship between job crafting and work-self facilitation : a moderated mediation model. Personnel review. 2018, vol. 47, iss. 7, str. 1362-1384. ISSN 0048-3486. DOI: 10.1108/PR-05-2017-0153.

Currently Teaching

2 Credits
This course focuses on the role of the general manager as a leader in an organization. The course addresses analytical and behavioral strategies and techniques for leadership by examining problem-solving models, personal values, and communications. The emphasis is on the interpersonal skills needs to express different leadership styles and behaviors. Cases, exercises, and class discussions will be used to examine and explore opportunities for managers to become more effective as leaders in modern organizations.
3 Credits
An introduction to the field of marketing, stressing its role in the organization and society. Emphasis is on determining customer needs and wants and how the marketer can satisfy those needs through the controllable marketing variables of product, price, promotion and distribution.
3 Credits
The course studies the logistics and transportation industry as part of the growing emphasis on distribution technologies. Introduces basic understandings of the function areas of logistics management and their interrelationships and how transportation and distribution play a significant role in the success of a business.
3 Credits
Innovation of some type occurs in all fields and disciplines. This course, which helps students develop an innovative mind set, discusses the nature of innovation, including what innovation is, the goals and objectives of innovation, how innovation happens, and reasons that innovations succeed or fail. Case studies in a variety of disciplines are explored to further understanding of innovation.
3 Credits
This course comprehensively examines how innovation translates new ideas or inventions into practical use in the form of products, markets or services, concepts or systems. The practice of innovation requires understanding different innovation paradigms; the role of creativity, discovery and invention; entrepreneurialism as an implementation strategy; intellectual property issues; team building and collaboration; and experience. Selected case studies and exemplary problems are explored to illustrate the principles and to acquire the skills of innovation.
4 Credits
This course builds on the skills and knowledge gained in CMDS-211 Exploring Innovation and CMDS-411 The Practice of Innovation and Invention. In the course students engage as members of an interdisciplinary project team exploring a complex, non-trivial problem for which an innovation in science, technology, design, business, artistic expression, etc., could be significant for working toward a resolution of the problem. Problems may be proposed by students or by faculty mentors, or derived from external sources. After selecting a problem, each team works throughout the semester designing a solution, culminating in a formal written report and oral presentation at the conclusion of the project.

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  • November 18, 2021

    RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) and Global Entrepreneurship Week 2021

    RIT K (A.U.K) faculty and students were part of the many events organized during the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) 2021. RIT K (A.U.K) faculty and students were part of the many events organized during the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) 2021.