Biberaj Scholarships and the process of Application on TV

The Biberaj Family Scholarship is made possible through the generous donation pledge of $1.16 mil by The Biberaj Foundation Inc. and participation of RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) and American University in Kosovo Foundation Inc. to provide 40 full undergraduate scholarship awards for freshmen students with strong academic records and demonstrating financial need.

The competitive Biberaj Family Scholarship includes tuition and fees, housing and board at RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) campus and one semester of studies in United States, granted over four years. There will be 10 available scholarships for students from Kosova, Tropoja, Plava & Guci, Presheva and Tetova & Shkup enrolling in Academic year starting fall 2021. Please see the table below for specific scholarships offered by region.  


Visar Jasiqi, Chief Development Officer, together with Lavon Bajrami, Dean of Enrollment and Arbenita Bazhdari Recruitment Coordinator have spoken about the opportunities given to students from the Biberaj Scholarships and the process of Application on national tv for more info please see the videos below.


RTK Live 


KTV Live



The scholarship application is open to anyone who meets the following requirements:        

  • Is of an Albanian descent from one of the following regions: rural parts of Kosova, Tropoja, Plava, Gucia, Presheva, Tetova, and Shkup, or is from one of the minority groups of Kosova.
  • Completes the freshman admission requirements at RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) – see: Enrollment Information
  • Able to demonstrate an outstanding academic record and achievements.
  • Have completed a High School Degree by the time of scholarship award.
  • Been active in extra-curricular activities.
  • Able to demonstrate financial need.
  • Proficient in spoken and written English and able to demonstrate strong mathematical skills (The application, selection process, and interview are all conducted in English.

    Preference will be given to women and to those pursuing studies in STEM and Journalism Concentrations

As requirements of the Biberaj Family Scholarship, each student will spend one month each summer between each academic year, working to support community service in their home region, and each student will be required to complete a Capstone project by the end of their fourth year. Additionally, each student will spend one academic semester studying in the U.S. To maintain his or her scholarship, each student will need to maintain a superior grade point average.


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