Co-op Experience at RIT Kosovo: Fueling Growth and Learning

Experiential learning has become a cornerstone of modern education, emphasizing the importance of gaining practical experience alongside theoretical knowledge. Recognizing this significance, RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) provides its students with the opportunity to embark on co-op experiences, enabling them to gain professional exposure at prestigious private and public companies, as well as institutions. This commitment to experiential learning has yielded remarkable success stories, such as the experiences of Viola Osmani and Jolanda Sekiraqa, who are currently working for Solutions25.

Viola Osmani, a Computing, and Information Technologies student, reflects on her time at Solutions25, where she is focused on UI/UX design. Her internship proved to be a transformative journey characterized by tremendous personal growth and valuable lessons. Right from the start, she found herself fully immersed in the world of web and mobile design, gaining hands-on experience and practical skills. Viola's ability to translate complex ideas into visually appealing and intuitive interfaces brought her immense satisfaction. Collaborating with cross-functional teams allowed her to contribute valuable insights and witness the power of teamwork in creating impactful user experiences. Viola's unwavering eagerness to stay updated with the latest design trends and tools showcases her dedication to enhancing her abilities and creating innovative designs. This co-op experience solidified her passion for web design and UI/UX, fueling her aspirations for a successful future in the field.

Similarly, Jolanda Sekiraqa, an Applied Arts and Science student, had an equally rewarding co-op experience at Solutions25. She worked alongside Viola, contributing to their collective success. Jolanda's experience affirmed the value of teamwork and collaboration, as she actively participated in projects that made a tangible difference. Her contributions were highly valued and appreciated.  

The stories of Viola and Jolanda exemplify the transformative power of co-op experiences at RIT Kosovo. Through their internships, these students have not only grown professionally but also developed a passion for their respective fields. The hands-on learning, collaboration with experts, and exposure to real-world challenges have undoubtedly set them on a path towards prosperous careers. RIT Kosovo continues to nurture the aspirations of its students by providing them with invaluable co-op experiences that prepare them to thrive in a competitive job market and make a meaningful impact in their chosen fields.

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