RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Fundraising Gala to Support Student Scholarships

RIT Kosovo (A.U.K.) hosted its annual fundraising event, "Support Kosova's Next Success Story," on May 23, 2024, at the Venus Hotel in Prishtina. This year’s event, dedicated to raising funds for student scholarships, was particularly special as it marked the 20th anniversary of RIT Kosovo (A.U.K.). Approximately 400 attendees, including dignitaries, corporate leaders, alumni, and supporters, gathered to celebrate this milestone.

Dr. Kamal Shahrabi, President of RIT Kosovo (A.U.K.), welcomed guests and highlighted the significance of the institution's success and the steady support from partners and friends.

The event featured notable speakers, including H.E. Jeffrey M. Hovenier, the U.S. Ambassador to Kosovo, who congratulated RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) on its 20th anniversary while emphasizing the impact of the institution in supporting the U.S. vision for Kosovo as a sovereign, democratic, successful, modern European multi-ethnic state. As the Ambassador expressed “we are particularly proud of the partnership that we have with RIT Kosovo (A.U.K)” as he provided an inspiring address on the importance of education in transforming lives and expanding opportunities that empower youth and contribute to the nation’s development.

Amabassador of Amerika together with RIT President and Dean

In marking this 20th anniversary, RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) had the pleasure to welcome back Mr. Michael McClellan, former U.S. State Department diplomat and current Counselor to President of the American University in Iraq, who played a crucial role in the establishment of RIT Kosovo (A.U.K). As he spoke on the important role of philanthropy in supporting education, Mr. McClellan expressed that "Many success stories are waiting to be told in Kosovo as each new generation begins their university studies. While some succeed with family support, many more need the larger community’s help, both at home and abroad, to fulfill their potential and contribute to Kosovo’s future". Further, he pointed out that in the United States, both public and private universities depend significantly on the financial contributions of alumni, supporters, donors, and foundations. 

Michael McClellan, former U.S. State Department diplomat

Ms. Nancy Bekavac, Chair of the Board of Trustees at RIT Kosovo (A.U.K), delivered a heartfelt speech highlighting the transformative power of education. Ms. Bekavac reiterated the institution’s commitment to providing a high-quality American education and fostering an environment where students can thrive.

photo of Nancy Bekavac, Chair of the Board of Trustees at RIT Kosovo

As a testament to the power of scholarships, attendees heard a firsthand account from Ms. Lona Arifi, a sophomore student at RIT Kosovo (A.U.K.) and TIVE scholarship recipient, who shared how the scholarship has enabled her to pursue her academic aspirations and goals. 

The event wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our sponsors. As a token of appreciation, Dr. Kamal Shahrabi distributed recognition awards to the following donors for their generous support:

Gold Sponsors
FINCA Kosovë

Silver Sponsors
Rochester Institute of Technology

Elvin Guri
Zagragja & Associates
Marigona Hill

Venus Hotel
Pozhegu Brothers

The funds raised from the event will directly support student scholarships, enabling talented individuals from diverse backgrounds to pursue higher education at RIT Kosovo (A.U.K). This financial support is crucial in removing barriers to education and ensuring that deserving students can achieve their full potential.

photo of the gala night

About RIT Kosovo (A.U.K):
RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) is Kosovo’s only private not-for-profit higher education institution offering degrees accredited and recognized world-wide thanks to the partnership with Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in New York.

For media inquiries contact: info@auk.org.


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