Disinformation and Fake News are impacting today’s public discourse

The students of RIT Kosovo had the honor of hosting Dr. Chad Briggs, current Director of Graduate Studies at the University of Alaska, and award-winning journalist, Brooke Binkowski, to talk about the way disinformation and fake news are impacting today’s public discourse. The guest lecture was part of the Public Speaking course taught by Dr. Linda Ziberi. 

Dr. Briggs explained the difference between misinformation and disinformation and informed the students about several types of disinformation such as “wrapping a lie around the truth,” “covering a lie with truth,” “whataboutism” and “the big lie.” He also provided ways for the students to be able to recognize these disinformation strategies and be able to identify them in the public discourse. The award-winning journalist, Brooke Binkowski, spoke about the role of social media in spreading disinformation and how that affected current events such as the one at the US capitol. She also provided students with some valuable websites where they can access open source journalism articles and other ways to find credible information on the internet and be more able to detect fake news and conspiracy theories.  

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