Springer Index ISSIP 2024 Symposium: Advancing Signal and Image Processing

The 2024 Fifth International Symposium on Signal and Image Processing (ISSIP 2024) marked a significant milestone in the field of technological advancement. Hosted by The Rochester Institute of Technology Kosovo (A.U.K), Kosovo, Europe, on March 25-26, 2024, the symposium garnered widespread attention and participation. Sponsored by esteemed organizations including the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society, Kolkata Chapter, IEEE CIS Kolkata Chapter, and the Asia-Pacific Artificial Intelligence Association (AAIA), Kolkata Branch, ISSIP 2024 aimed to foster the field of signal and image processing.

picture of the president and the dean of RIT at the ISSIP conference

Initiated in May 2023 by Dr. Debabrata Samanta, Program Head & Assistant Professor, Dept. of Computing and Information Technologies, RITK, ISSIP 2024 sought to bridge the gap between theory and practice in algorithms and hardware transforming signals for specific purposes. The symposium attracted a wealth of research contributions, receiving 67 abstracts, 94 full papers, 81 short papers, and 41 posters. Out of these, 34 full papers were accepted, indicating the high caliber of submissions. The next step was 32 were accepted for oral presentations and its way to the Conference Proceedings. It is planned to publish the peer reviewed and selected papers of conference as proceedings with Springer in their prestigious “Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering” series (https://www.springer.com/series/7818), (This series is indexed by EI Compendex and Scopus databases.).

The symposium commenced with an inaugural session featuring esteemed speakers. Prof. Blerta Prevalla Etemi provided a warm welcome and overview, followed by a Presidential Address from Dr. Kamal Shahrabi. The inaugural address by Mr. Lulezon Jagxhiu, Advisor to the Prime Minister on Information Technology and Chief Technology Officer, set a tone of innovation and collaboration. Further, Dean Dr. Albina Balidemaj extended felicitations, and Dr. Debabrata Samanta delivered the Convener's Address. Keynote speakers, including Ashish Mani and SK Hafizul Islam, added depth and insight to the proceedings.

picture of ISSIP conference

Over the course of two days, ISSIP 2024 featured three technical sessions chaired (named Prof. Edmond Muhaxheri, Prof. Ines Bula, Prof. Mimoza Polloshka, Prof. Venera Demukaj, Prof. Linda Ziberi and Prof. Mrika Kotorri) by experts in the field. Each session facilitated lively discussions and presentations, with authors allotted 10 minutes for presentation followed by a 2-minute Q&A session. The symposium provided a platform for knowledge exchange and networking opportunities.

picture of ISSIP conference session 2

The Valedictory session on March 26, 2024, marked the culmination of ISSIP 2024. Anchored by Prof. Gent Carrabregu, the session honored outstanding contributions with awards presented by distinguished guests, including Hana Qerimi, Bajram Geci, and Merita Gjyshinca Peja. Delegates offered valuable feedback, highlighting the symposium's impact and future prospects. Prof. Debabrata Samanta concluded the session with a vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to all participants for their contributions and support.

picture of Blerta at the ISSIP day one

ISSIP 2024, with its rich program and esteemed participants, undoubtedly propelled the field of signal and image processing towards new horizons, fostering innovation and collaboration on a global scale. As the symposium draws to a close, its legacy of excellence and knowledge dissemination will continue to inspire future endeavors in the realm of technology and beyond.

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