Meet Dillon Berjani (BSc ’16)

Dillon Berjani

Dillon Berjani completed his bachelor studies at RIT Kosovo in 2016. He completed his Master's Studies in 2017 at the University of Amsterdam and VU Amsterdam in the field of entrepreneurship. Today, Mr. Berjani is a fourth-year PhD researcher at VU Amsterdam and focuses on the impact of entrepreneurship on societies, with a special focus on entrepreneurial initiatives in emerging neoliberalist societies. Moreover, Mr. Berjani engages in critical entrepreneurship studies to analyze policy discourses and media to trace back historical developments of entrepreneurship discourses in emerging economies and to problematize the apparent consequences of such discourses. The objective of such studies is to constrain the adherence to conventional forms of entrepreneurship pertaining to grand narratives bound to economic progression and expand perspectives on this particular phenomenon that range beyond economic dimensions.

Mr. Berjani has been recently selected as a paper reviewer for the 'Academy of Management Annual Meeting' which is the largest and most influential gathering of management scholars in the world. Moreover, Mr. Berjani has been accepted to publish one of his recent studies in the book 'Research in Sociology of Organizations' which emerged from the 'Entrepreneurship and Society' department at Stanford University. Mr. Berjani is affiliated with the 'Reversing the arrow' conference, which gathers researchers from Stanford, Brown University, Cornell University, UC Berkeley, Imperial College London, University College London, or Cambridge University at Lake Tahoe, California, to discuss societal outcomes of entrepreneurship and motivate new investigations into the role of entrepreneurship - and more generally organizations - in society.

Mr. Berjani strongly believes that the multidisciplinary program offered at RIT Kosovo, allows students to explore relevant fields that they wish to further pursue in their postgraduate or doctoral studies. The synthesis between a theoretical perspective and practical experience prepares students for their professional path and allows professional prosperity, be that in the public sector, private sector, non-profit sector, or academia.


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