Completion of Three Workshops at RIT Kosovo as Part of STEFORA Project

We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of three workshops as part of the STEFORA Project, coordinated by the RIT K Faculty Development Center. These workshops served as follow-up activities, where our faculty who participated in the Advanced Training activities with EU partner institutions in Sweden and Ireland, shared their insights with faculty, and administrative staff in our institution.

photo number two of stefora training

The three workshops focused on:

1.      STEM Inclusiveness and Diversity – Addressed the challenges encountered by Kosovar women in STEM fields, explored inclusive pedagogy techniques and related case studies, as well as the best practices adopted by EU countries.

2.      STEM and Digital Skills – Highlighted the importance of enhancing digital skills and incorporating universal design principles into both classroom practices and digital content shared by academic institutions.

3.      Digital Citizenship, STEM Engagement and Sustainability - Focused on digital citizenship and its intersection with women inclusion in STEM. The workshop centered around digital competencies, responsible online behavior and digital footprint.  

photo number 3 of stefora training

The RIT K Faculty Development Center remains dedicated to hosting workshops with the goal of boosting skill sets of our Institutional community, ensuring a continuous enhancement of professional growth and development.


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