Second Edition of the RIT KOSOVO Model United Nations Conference - RITK MUN 2024.

After successfully organizing the first edition of MUN Conference ,first of its kind in the Republic of Kosovo, the RITK MUN Club came back with a second conference on April 27-28 which has now become an annual event anticipated by students from Kosovo and beyond. 

The RITK MUN’2023 Conference was a huge success, winning two awards, “ Best Small Conference” and “ Best Socials” from the myMUN platform which is the official website through which all MUN’s around the world are organized, rated, and facilitated. 

President of RIT Kosovo with some of MUN Students

The RITK MUN’2024 Conference was equally as successful with more than 70 delegates that participated intensively in the conference, joining from various universities the Republic of Kosova, and from other several countries like the Republic of Albania, the Republic of North Macedonia, Ghana, the Netherlands, etc. The Conference managed to become a major success, and win recognition within RITK and out of it, getting congratulations on our organization even from the Office of the President of the Republic of Kosova.

photo of activities of MUN Students

This edition was split into two councils; The Human Rights Council and the Security Council.  In the Human Rights Council, participants debated and build a resolution on one of the most important issues in the international community right now- “The Violation of Human Rights in the Conflict Between Israel and Palestine”. While the prestigious Security Council took students back to 1995, with a historical simulation of the UNSC, discussing on the topic of “The Bosnian War and the Dayton Agreement”. Both councils lead to heated discussions and creative solutions. 

picture of MUN students

The conference provided participants with invaluable opportunities for learning, growth, and networking, which will have a lasting impact on their academic and personal development. Supporting such conferences and activities is crucial, investing in the future leaders and the diplomats of tomorrow!

photo of students debating

Additionally, the organizing team of the MUN Conference and the leading team of MUN Club which consists of students, Shpat Dalipi - President of the Club, Sazana Qeriqi - Vice President, Ene Aliu - Secretary and Noa Nikqi - Chair of RITK MUN Conference, will be traveling to Germany this month to attend the Göttingen MUN Conference 2024, representing RIT-K and the Republic of Kosovo at the same time. This Conference is a historical MUN Conference that is annually organized, and many consider it the most competitive and prestigious MUN Conference in Europe. We wish the team best of luck and can’t wait for them to make our institution proud!

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