Department of Performing Arts


The Department of Performing Arts is home to coursework, minors and immersions in the areas of music, theater, and the fine arts. The department offers the opportunity both in and out of the classroom to participate in musical ensembles, theater performances, and other experiential learning opportunities. We believe that the study of fine arts empowers our students to use technology in creative and innovative ways. The faculty come from a diverse range of scholarly, performance, and creative backgrounds and are highly respected scholars in their respective fields.

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events and performances in music, theater, and dance


minors: American arts, film studies, music and technology, music performance, and theater arts


immersions: American arts, film studies, music, and theater arts

Latest News

  • December 15, 2021

    side-by-side portraits of Andy Head and Jill Bradbury.

    Podcast: Making the Performing Arts Inclusive and Accessible 

    Intersections: The RIT Podcast, Ep. 54: Jill Bradbury, chair of the Department of Performing Arts in RIT’s National Technical Institute for the Deaf, and Andy Head, assistant professor in the Department of Performing Arts in RIT’s College of Liberal Arts, discuss what the recent collaboration between the theater departments of NTID and CLA will mean, including more inclusive and accessible theater experiences for audience members with varying disabilities.

Minors and Immersions

The music and technology minor includes courses in music theory, music history, contemporary and historical musical instrument technology, acoustics, audio engineering, music for media, and music performance. This minor provides students with an avenue to integrate their technological interests and skills with music.

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The immersion in music offers courses in the history, theory, and practice of music. Students with a background in music and/or a genuine desire to know more about the subject will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of various theoretical and historical aspects, as well as participate in performing groups at RIT.

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The music performance minor combines courses in music theory, music history, and world music with practical application through ensemble participation and applied music study. This combination of the academic and the practical offers students a more profound understanding of the art of music, and in a broader sense, an introduction to cultural development and the communication of ideas. A total of 15 credit hours from the suggested list of courses must be earned for the minor, with three credits in music theory and three credits from ensemble participation, required. Students can substitute 3 credits of Applied Music for three credits of ensemble, upon approval from the department of performing arts.

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The theatre arts immersion offers courses in dramatic literature, theatre history, theory, and practice. Students expand their knowledge of dramatic and theatrical arts as well as study the role and function of theatre in the broader contexts of history, culture, and the communication of ideas.

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The theatre arts minor provides an iterative balance of theory and practice that engages students intellectually and creatively. This combination of critical thinking and experiential learning offers students an in-depth understanding of the art of theater, as well as an introduction to the role of theater as both a form of commentary on, and as a reflection of, society and culture. The minor includes student participation in a minimum of three department sponsored theater productions via Theater Ensemble (FNRT-230) and Dramatic Theory and Text Analysis (FNRT-207).

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