Founded in Fall 2021, the DanceCore is an in-depth dance experience for Performing Arts Scholars, to pursue and grow their passion for dance by providing participation in performances on campus & community outreach, and participation in performances in full scale productions.

The DanceCore serves as a community of dancers and devoted performers and provide opportunities for building relationships and friendships. Students can try out every aspect of dance whether it be choreography, teaching, leadership, or dance technique.

Upcoming Performances

World AIDS day performance: The piece that will be performed is called Build. Marc Ellis Holland, Director of the DanceCore based this piece around the deception we tend to have when we can only see the bars in front of us. Sometimes we refuse to acknowledge what's beyond those bars. Are you safe or are you suffocating behind those bars?


Marc Holland
Marc Holland
NTID Department for Performing Arts
National Technical Institute for the Deaf