Enrichment Program

Enrichment Program Funding

As a Performing Arts Scholar, you have the opportunity to participate in a number of enrichment events and activities completely free of cost, paid for you through our Enrichment Program Fund. Approved enrichment activities can include the cost of tickets and transportation to attend concerts, masterclasses, workshops, recitals, virtual online programs, seminars, internships and conferences. As a result, scholars are able to enjoy some pretty amazing performing arts events—for free!

Like most things in life, there are parameters on these funds. They are not direct cash stipends and cannot be used to purchase equipment or instruments, nor tickets to concerts or performances that do not receive prior approval from the Performing Arts Scholars Program. And unfortunately, scholars cannot plan to be reimbursed for performing arts expenses through these funds—RIT will cover costs directly after going through the approval process.

The Performing Arts Scholars Program curates a variety of pre-approved enrichment activities open to Scholars from all disciplines each semester. Information on how to sign up for these events will be sent via email and CampusGroups, so be sure to check these regularly. Some events will have limited availability so act quickly! Recent examples include:

  • Shows at Rochester Broadway Theatre League
  • Workshops at Garth Fagan Dance Company
  • Broadway Comes to RIT webinars with Broadway performers
  • Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra Concerts
  • Rochester City Ballet

Our performing arts enrichment activities are exciting opportunities for personal growth and enjoyment of the performing arts. We will offer as many of these opportunities as possible so take advantage of attending events and activities that are outside of your discipline, as well as those in it.

These offerings are optional and not a condition of your scholarship. The number of things you participate in is up to you! 

Propose an activity
Have something you want to do? Discuss enrichment activities that you are interested in with your coach. Events that appeal to your performing arts discipline group as a whole will be pursued. (Plan ahead! The process can take several months to review and receive final approval.)