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Performing Arts Scholars participate in a diverse array of opportunities to fulfill their one performing arts requirement per academic year. From student clubs, to credit-bearing courses, to COLA/NTID theatrical productions and everything in between, there is a plethora of options for students to explore! Something not listed? Let us know, by emailing

RIT's School of Performing Arts and NTID's Department of Performing Arts have a growing selection of academic courses listed under the FNRT, PRFL, and PRFN course prefixes. Both academic units offer theory and history based courses such as Music Theory and Survey of Jazz, as well as more hands-on practical courses including Fundamentals of Acting and Scenic Painting and Props.

NTID Performing Arts and School of Performing Arts Theatre Courses
School of Performing Arts Music Courses
NTID Performing Arts Dance Courses

RIT is home to nearly 30 performing arts-focused clubs for students to join and participate in each semester. These clubs include seven a cappella groups, the RIT Pep Band, multiple percussion groups, the Game Symphony Orchestra, the RIT Jam Club, a variety of dance clubs, theatre and improv focused clubs, and so much more.

For a full listing of the student clubs, please visit CampusGroups.

Performing Arts Scholarship Performance Groups are designed to provide students with additional opportunities to participate in the performing arts at RIT. Open to all Performing Arts Scholars, the Performance Groups are non-credit-bearing experiences for scholars interested in exploring a variety of performing arts disciplines.

Learn more about the performance group offerings

The School of Performing Arts, NTID's Department of Performing Arts, and the Performing Arts Scholarship Program present a variety of workshops for students each year. These range from performance-based workshops to more technical, experiential learning opportunities. All students, regardless of their scholarship status may enjoy these events --they are open to all students, faculty and staff across the RIT campus, first come first served with priority given to Performing Arts Scholars.

Dance at RIT workshops

Your Performance Prescription. So you’re a steel-drum playing, tap-dancing ninja warrior? RIT has wellness classes for that. Wellness Education offers a variety of performance-related courses in categories such as music, dance, recreation, and martial arts.

Wellness Education Dance courses

Wellness Education Music courses

RIT Diversity Theater is a university wide program that advances diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives for faculty, staff, students, and community partners using theater-based methods. Professional facilitators and performance artists engage participants in meaningful experiences within the context of diversity and inclusion education. Live theatre, forum theatre, reader’s theatre, film and other forms of visual and performance arts are used.

Written, directed and produced by the Diversity Theater Director, original content is created and implemented offering:

  • Theatrical sketches and plays
  • Playback Theatre workshops
  • Diversity films
  • Community-building discussions
  • Customized training

Please visit the Diversity Theatre website for more information:

Each year, College of Liberal Arts’ Theatre Arts Program and NTID's Performing Arts Program offer students the opportunity to audition for plays from a wide range of theatre genres and styles, including comedies, dramas, musicals, and classics. For a listing of upcoming productions and to find information on auditions and casting, please visit the Theatre Auditions and Casting Page.

For those students who wish to explore the behind-the-scenes aspects of a theatrical production (costumes, props, scenic design, stage management, etc.), there are plenty of opportunities to get involved as well! For more information, please see Technical Production Opportunities listed below.

In addition, the RIT Players, a student club at RIT, presents their own season of theatrical productions. For more information on RIT Players theatrical season, please visit their CampusGroups website.

Are you interested in participating "behind the scenes" in a performing arts producing? There are several ways to get involved in the creative process leading up to a performance and out of the spotlight onstage. You can do this through the design, planning, logistics, and installation/operation of technical equipment during a production or performance. Students interested in scenic, costume, sound, and lighting design support and assistance are always welcome to assist the COLA and NTID shows. Contact NTID Performing Arts Technical Director and PAS Technical Production Coach, Eric Moslow for more information on curricular technical production opportunities. In addition, RIT Tech Crew is a technical production department on campus that provides sound reinforcement, lighting design, power distribution, staging and rigging. Tech Crew works closely with local production and rental companies in order to provide a multitude of services to its clients. Tech Crew’s parent department is the Center for Campus Life. Its primary mission is to support on-campus student activities and events. These events include, but are not limited to dance parties, lectures, concerts and Commencement. Tech Crew is comprised entirely of student employees and managed by two RIT staff members. Tech Crew employs around 60 students regularly and hires about 10 – 20 students at the start of every academic year. For more information on available positions with RIT Tech Crew, please visit or contact Rob Lewis, Manager of RIT Tech Crew.


Ben Willmott
Ben Willmott
Operations Director of Performing Arts
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