SOMNIUM poster cropped with title and director information

The initial November 6 release of SOMNIUM is an early state (pre-alpha) build and includes captions. SOMNIUM is in further development with updated future releases planned.

SOMNIUM is an interactive digital-theatre experience where YOU are the hero! Journey through the collective dream-space of humanity in this first-person adventure inspired by classic Science Fiction. What dreams lurk beneath the surface of your waking mind? Find out, in SOMNIUM!​

Conceived and directed by guest director Omen Sade.

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Having trouble in SOMNIUM? Click here for the player cheat sheet.

Hello Cadet,

Launch Day is ​upon us and SOMNIUM is now ready for boarding. Please proceed to your gate by clicking the launch button below, follow the instructions to download the game, and enjoy.

Captain Lockspeare

Digital Production Images

Rehearsal Images