Tiger Records

RIT’s own student-run record label, Tiger Records, provides a collaborative space for musicians, producers, recording engineers, artist managers, promoters, graphic designers, music journalists, marketing teams, and arts entrepreneurs to work together to promote music on campus. Whether your aspirations are as an artist or as a part of the team that drives the entertainment industry, there are many opportunities to participate.



Artists, performers, and songwriters are the backbone of any record label, and Tiger Records is always looking for new creative people to add to its roster. You will have the opportunity to work collaboratively with other musicians as well as with those interested in music industry disciplines such as management, concert promotion, and recording.


One of the most exciting parts of the label’s functions is discovering and promoting new talent. As part of the “Artist and Repertoire” team you’ll have the chance to attend shows, listen to recordings, and sign new musicians to Tiger Records.

Artist Management

The success of an artist is dependent on having a plan and staying organized and on task. Responsibilities for artist management include: creating an artist strategy, managing timetables, identifying and creating an artist’s brand and image, social media and online curation, and organizing a variety of fan engagement opportunities.

Audio Engineering

From studio set-up to tracking, mixing, and mastering, the process of creating and perfecting a recording takes specialized skills. At Tiger Records, audio engineers will have access to recording facilities on campus and a wide variety of artists to work with.

Event Promotion

Live concerts and events are some of the most exciting and anticipated experiences that we engage in. As part of the event team you will conceptualize, organize, and promote a variety of on- and off-campus concerts and events.

Marketing and Promotion

Artist interviews, album reviews, creative journalism, graphic design, photography, and videography are what give an artist their image and story. These are an essential part of building an artist profile and give team members an opportunity to apply a wide variety of creative skills to the entertainment industry.


Tiger Records carries a 1-credit course designation and weekly meetings include roundtable discussions of new initiatives, reports from label teams, and short lectures on a wide variety of music industry and creative topics. Teams are encourage to communicate and meet outside of class to carry out their assigned label duties.

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Karl Stabnau
Karl Stabnau
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