Art Experience (ArtEx)

Continue Your Artistic Passions with RIT Art Experience

RIT Art Experience (ArtEx) is an enrichment program exclusively for first-year applicants to RIT. Designed to complement any major, embark on a journey of creative expression to enhance your creativity and further your exploration of the arts.

An R I T student with teal hair welding.

Curious to try blowing glass, throwing ceramic vessels, or blacksmithing? 

Flex your creative muscles outside of the classroom with unique hands-on art experiences.

Offered by RIT’s renowned College of Art and Design, ArtEx creates opportunities for students like you to participate in creative and collaborative experiences beyond your major. ArtEx offers you special access to engage with the outstanding resources and expertise available within the School for American Crafts and School of Art.

The RIT ArtEx Community

Join a group of like-minded creators to discover new and exciting possibilities in art and beyond.

Here, you will connect and share your passion for creativity and art through discussion and resource-sharing, artist demonstrations and talks, hands-on workshops, off-campus field trips, and other community-oriented activities. Learn to think both analytically and creatively in a community of thinkers, doers, and makers. Explore your passion for art and hone your problem-solving skills while challenging your creativity in a fun and supportive environment. 

This non-credit-bearing program has no required assignments. Enjoy the freedom to be expressive and create on your own terms with your choice of ArtEx Core or ArtEx+ events. The required $100 semester fee includes two hands-on ArtEx Plus events and unlimited ArtEx Core events.

Both ArtEx Core and ArtEx+ events vary by semester and are dependent on time and availability.

Ready to Create?

First-year applicants to RIT are eligible to apply for the RIT ArtEx program, with the exception of applicants applying to programs in the College of Art and Design. The application consists of a few questions regarding your creative experiences and goals, and requires RIT application account credentials to log in.

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Frequently Asked Questions

First-year undergraduate applicants to RIT are eligible to apply for the ArtEx program, with the exception of those applying to programs in the College of Art and Design (CAD). At present, we are unable to accommodate transfers into the program by current RIT students but should consider exploring the many elective courses available from CAD.

There is no minimum or maximum time commitment — you will be able to sign up for as much or as little programming as you would like.

The highly skilled faculty and graduate students of the School for American Crafts and School of Art will be teaching many of the ArtEx workshops. Accomplished local artisans and special visiting artists will also serve as ArtEx instructors.

A free online studio safety training course is required for all students in this program each year. Each workshop facilitator will make sure you are aware of all safety considerations before you start to engage in studio activities.

No — all necessary materials will be provided.

There is a $100 fee per semester for ArtEx program membership, which covers unlimited ArtEx Core events, and two ArtEx+ hands-on workshops. ArtEx Core programming includes demonstrations, talks, and presentations, as well as early access to select art and craft electives! ArtEx+ events include hands-on workshops and special trips. While two hands-on workshops are included in your semester fee, you can sign up for more workshops or special trips for an additional cost. 

Yes, the membership fee is required each semester in order to maintain membership in the ArtEx program. 

Most ArtEx+ events will be scheduled for weekends and Friday afternoons.

Unfortunately, we usually won’t be able to offer refunds for special ArtEx+ events due to the pre-ordering of materials and commitments to our workshop facilitators. Medical or family-related exceptions will be considered by the program director on a case-by-case basis.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate participants from outside the ArtEx program membership due to predetermined studio capacities, pre-ordering of materials, and safety considerations.

Typically, students on co-op are not in the Rochester area, which prohibits them from participating in on-campus experiences. Exceptions may be possible on a case-by-case basis. You may rejoin the program when you return from co-op.

No, once you're accepted into the ArtEx Program, you can remain enrolled throughout your time as an undergraduate, as long as you remain continuously enrolled in the ungraded, 0-credit, online, Art Experience course.

ArtEx is only able to accept applications from new undergraduate applicants who are not yet taking classes at RIT.

Once you’re accepted into the ArtEx Program, you can remain enrolled throughout your time as an undergraduate, as long as you remain continuously enrolled in the ungraded, 0-credit, online, Art Experience course. You are free to drop out of the ArtEx Program at any point, but will not be able to rejoin. Exceptions to this policy include study abroad trips and co-ops.

ArtEx events are usually one-time offerings ranging from 3 to 6 hours in duration. They will mostly occur on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

ArtEx students only have access to workshop facilitities for the duration of each ArtEx workshop.

Members also have seats held for them in a variety of studio elective courses in the College of Art and Design.

No, this is not a certification program nor will it appear on your transcript. We are happy to recommend appropriate certification programs whenever possible, though.

Absolutely! We have many courses open to all RIT students and will be holding some seats for ArtEx students. If you really love something you may even decide to minor in it, see this page for more information: