Saunders College is recognized globally as a leader in innovation, education, and producing outstanding professionals who are qualified to become business leaders. Thus, we are proud to be home to more than 2,500 international students who come to the United States, for the first time for many, to pursue their higher education. We understand moving to a completely new country can be overwhelming and confusing so we’ve put together a list of resources to help you get settled and hopefully answer any questions you may have.

Find Success in the USA Webinar Series

RIT has a four-part webinar series posted on Interstride, a platform specifically made for helping international students get acclimated. Between the four videos, you can learn about cultural awareness, resume writing, networking, and how to use Interstride.

To access the Find Success in the USA Webinar Series, you can register with, go to, go to the “Learn” tab, click “Webinars”, then search for “Find Success in the USA”. 

Saunders Support Network

All Saunders faculty and staff are understanding and it’s worth talking to your professors about your situation if you find that any part of your international experience is taking away from your time in the classroom. 

Additionally, there is a specific team of Saunders College faculty who will be useful to you during your time here as an international student. Use the Saunders College Support Network to get familiar with the team of Saunders faculty here to help you succeed.

English Language Center

Located in Monroe Hall, the English Language Center offers the English Language for Academic Purposes program and can help you with enrollment, employment, and immigration status from RIT's Office of International Student Services.

The English Language Center also aims to help students build cultural awareness and confidence in social settings outside of coursework. The program meets US visa requirements for those who study English full-time.

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