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Bryan Reinicke

Associate Professor

Department of MIS, Marketing, and Analytics
Saunders College of Business

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Bryan Reinicke

Associate Professor

Department of MIS, Marketing, and Analytics
Saunders College of Business


BA, College of Wooster; MBA, Kent State University; Ph.D., Indiana University

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Invited Article/Publication
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Invited Keynote/Presentation
Connolly, A., & Reinicke, B. (2016). How to Teach Emotional Intelligence Skills in IT Project Management. EDSIGCON 2016.
Published Conference Proceedings
Reinicke, B., & Connolly, A. (2016). How to Teach Emotional Intelligence Skills in IT Project Management. EDSIGCON 2016.
Cummings, J., & Reinicke, B. (2014). Enterprise SNS Use and Profile Perceptions: A Comparison of Cultures. Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS'14).

Currently Teaching

2 Credits
This course focuses on the application of information technology to gain greater efficiency and effectiveness from operational and managerial processes and systems. The conceptual foundations of operations, supply chain management and information technology are surveyed and contemporary approaches analyzed from a managerial perspective.
3 Credits
To be successful in our globally-networked business environment, contemporary management professionals must have a strong grounding in the principles of information and information technology. This course provides an introduction to the field of management information systems (MIS), including the tools and techniques for managing information and information technologies within organizations. We place a particular emphasis on the nature of systems, the role of information in business processes, the management of data, and the planning of MIS design projects.
3 Credits
This capstone course for MIS majors applies the concepts of project management and techniques for estimating, planning and controlling of resources to accomplish specific project goals. Students complete a team project requiring them to develop an innovative information system while utilizing project management techniques. Students analyze real business situations and develop IT-based innovative solutions for problems encountered.
3 Credits
Students who complete this course will understand the principles and practices employed to analyze information needs and design appropriate IT-based solutions to address business challenges and opportunities. They will learn how to conduct requirements analysis, approach the design or redesign of business processes, communicate designs decisions to various levels of management, and work in a project-based environment.

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