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Through Saunders College of Business’ six science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) programs; master of business administration (MBA), accounting and analytics, business analytics, finance, global supply chain management (GSCM), and technology innovation management and entrepreneurship (TIME), students are taught by top business faculty, with strong applied research and industry experience. Upon entering into their programs, students join a global network of more than 25,000 Saunders alumni and 130,000 RIT alumni. International students can also qualify for a 24-month work extension to their Optional Practical Training (OPT) period, allowing up to three years of work in the United States.

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Across programs, there are flexible scheduling options with full-time or part-time options. Hands-on learning in the classroom allows students to work with the latest technology and software in state-of-the-art facilities. There are opportunities to choose electives from one of RIT's nine colleges offering nationally recognized programs in science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) disciplines in select programs. Students network with advisory boards, alumni, dedicated professors, and driven peers in addition to 320+ student clubs and organizations. RIT has one of the oldest and largest cooperative education programs in the world, placing more than 4,400 students with over 2,200 employer partners annually. Through this program, students receive paid real-world experience before graduation. Outside of the classroom, there are opportunities to utilize Saunders Consulting Group, the Simone Center for Innovation & EntrepreneurshipVenture Creations incubator, and The Construct @ RIT.

The Leadership Fellows Program offers significant advantages, including a 50% scholarship, a dedicated industry mentor, and a highly selective, cohort-based learning experience. Saunders also offers various financial aid offerings and scholarship options in addition to state and federal aid. Learn more about GMAT/GRE waiver options.

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Saunders STEM-Designated Master of Business Administration

Students in the STEM-designated MBA program stand out from the crowd and reach their full potential as the curriculum provides a strong foundation in business fused with digital technology. With flexible scheduling options and the choice of specialties, the program is designed to fit students’ lives. The core curriculum is taught by nationally recognized faculty and includes data analytics, business intelligence, information systems, and corporate social responsibility, and business ethics. These classes deliver foundational knowledge across all areas of business. MBA core courses are built upon a solid foundation to give students the skills and confidence to succeed in rapidly evolving technology workplaces. Students graduate being able to make data-driven decisions for their employer as skills in information systems and data analytics are in every field of business.

Recent graduates have reported the following job titles:

  • Associate business analyst
  • Staff accountant
  • Advertising account executive
  • Agency specialist
  • Cash management specialist
  • Customer analyst
  • Logistics coordinator
  • Operations research analyst
  • Valuation consultant

Bryan Reinicke, MBA, Ph.D.“A Saunders MBA opens the door to endless opportunities by leveraging the vast resources of RIT that uniquely combine business and technology. Our faculty possess industry experience and conduct cutting-edge research while putting a premium on applied learning. Our MBA is AACSB-accredited giving you and prospective employers confidence in your understanding of foundational principles from a range of business disciplines.

Bryan Reinicke, MBA, Ph.D.
Program Director and Associate Professor

Saunders STEM-Designated Master of Accounting and Analytics

The STEM-designated master of accounting and analytics is a one-year program that can be applied to any industry worldwide. This technology and analytics-infused program is based on expert opinions, explicit demands of recruiters, and our accounting advisory board. Students leverage top technology university expertise to get ahead of their peers in an industry reliant on technology more than ever before.

In our state-of-the-art facilities, students work with Systems Applications and Products (SAP) and data-science oriented computing languages such as R, Python, and Structured Query Language (SQL). Students learn Data visualization skills, such as Tableau, and understand the essential technologies such as blockchain.

Recent graduates have reported the following job titles:

  • Certified public accountant (CPA)
  • Tax consultant
  • Management accountant
  • Data analyst
  • Financial analyst
  • Financial consultant
  • Investment advisor
  • Equity analyst
  • Credit analyst
  • Chief financial officer (CFO)

BS/MS in Accounting and Analytics Degree

Saunders College of Business offers two degrees in five years with the combined BS/MS in accounting and analytics degree program. It’s designed for students to get an innovative and analytics-infused education in five years. With previous AP, college, and/or summer college coursework, students will have the opportunity to complete this exciting, integrated dual degree with several scholarship opportunities!

Rong Yang, Ph.D. “The MS in accounting and analytics program is tailored for students with an undergraduate accounting degree interested in technology skills and business analytics. Accountants with analytics expertise are prepared to work with the wealth of available financial data to inform and guide business decisions.  The curriculum develops critical thinking and analytical skills that RIT is uniquely able to deliver.”

Rong Yang, Ph.D.
Program Director

Saunders STEM-Designated Master of Business Analytics

Business analytics is offered on-campus and fully online. Both options share the same curriculum and are designed for students to utilize and gain control of big data to deliver robust analytic solutions to help companies make better business decisions. The curriculum works with VBA, R, Python, Tableau, Matlab, SAS, and SQL software and students acquire broad and in-depth training in multiple disciplines related to business analytics. Some students are also able to obtain an Advanced Certificate of Accounting and Financial Analytics without taking additional courses. Those with six or more years of IT-related work experience and currently in a management-level position can apply for a GMAT test waiver.

Recent graduates have reported the following job titles:

  • Business data analyst
  • Credit risk analyst
  • Web analytics specialist
  • Economic analyst
  • Data analytics manager
  • Cost analyst
  • Digital specialist
  • Data scientist
  • Data manager

Manlu Liu, Ph.D.“Our program is a natural extension of our top-ranked management information systems program. This program spans multiple disciplines. Employer demand has helped make this our fastest growing program, attracting the world’s top companies. Our attention to your success has built a strong alumni network within business analytics careers while firmly positioning our students for placement in this booming career field.”

Manlu Liu, Ph.D.
Program Director

Saunders STEM-Designated Master of Finance

The STEM-designated master of finance program teaches corporate finance and investment management as readily as the latest emerging fintech. The curriculum is embedded in understanding software and artificial intelligence and is taught by nationally renowned faculty. It also prepares students for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam: the world’s most respected and recognized investment management designation. Courses build competency in areas such as data analytics, fintech, statistics, and computational finance with mathematical modeling.

Outside of the classroom, students can manage a $300,000+  investment portfolio by joining the Finance Management Association (FMA) club. The FMA competes annually in the Adirondack Cup, with the goal of producing the most return on investment over six months.

Recent graduates have reported the following job titles:

  • Financial engineer
  • Risk analyst
  • Research associate
  • Quantitative analyst
  • Quantitative investment analyst
  • Credit risk analyst
  • Quantitative strategist
  • Data analyst

Ashok Robin, Ph.D. “The program's analytical, deductive nature creates financial professionals who can adapt to dynamic changes in the deregulated financial industry and its dramatic growth in investment options. Its courses prepare students to sit for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam. This program is designed for students interested in managerial careers in corporate finance, investment analysis and portfolio management and financial consulting.”

Ashok Robin, Ph.D.
Program Director

Saunders STEM-Designated Master of Global Supply Chain Management (GSCM)

The global supply chain management (GSCM) program comprehensively covers supply chain management by integrating operation management, analytics, logistics, industrial engineering, global business, and management concepts. It provides students with a focus on data-driven decision-making and strong analytical, quantitative, and leadership skills to design innovative solutions to complex problems, predict future trends, and become leaders in the fast-moving landscape. Saunders College provides students with hands-on experience and a resume-building curriculum to prepare for the job market.

Resources such as The Construct @ RIT, used for rapid prototyping, Saunders Consulting Group, the Simone Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and Venture Creations incubator provide students with a place to build their craft and explore their interests. Student-run, APICS @ RIT, is part of the national association for supply chain management, where students can network with industry experts.

COVID-19 has demonstrated the critical nature of supply chain management in the global business landscape, and recent studies show that thirty-seven percent of all U.S. jobs require supply chain expertise. This percentage has been and will continue to increase. Studying supply chain management at Saunders gives students the skill set, knowledge, and experience needed to break into this high-demand industry. 

Recent graduates have reported the following titles:

  • Supply chain manager
  • Supply chain planner
  • Sourcing manager
  • Global sourcing manager
  • Operation manager
  • Logistics manager
  • Program manager
  • Project manager

Steven Carnovale, Ph.D.“The global landscape of business competition in the 21st century will be dominated by firms that invest in supply chain excellence, and who hire experts who know how to design, analyze, and manage interconnected networks of firms. As the internet has broken down national boarders for consumers, supply chains of the future need to be responsive to these demands. Succeeding in this brave new world requires data-driven, analytical, supply chain professionals to know how to solve complex problems, and design practical solutions.”

Steven Carnovale, Ph.D.
Program Director and Professor

Saunders STEM-Designated Master of Technology Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship (TIME)

The master of science technology innovation management and entrepreneurship (TIME) program is perfect for innovators and entrepreneurs looking to build their own products and businesses or improve their intrapreneurial skills that all companies seek. Saunders MS-TIME has two program tracks: technology management and technology entrepreneurship. Students focus on product development and data analytics in the technology management track, targeting management and strategy needs. Technology and entrepreneurship entail starting and managing new ventures using market analytics and research to build business strategies. Both program tracks incorporate a unique blend of business and technology found only at Saunders.

The program in Rochester works alongside RIT Beijing, where students can collaborate overseas and build their international network. Saunders offers global experiences through four RIT Global Campuses, additional global student exchange partnerships, over 100 study abroad locations on every continent, and a culturally and nationally diverse Rochester campus with 1,594 students from 86 countries.

State-of-the-art facilities such as the Simone Center for student innovation, the Simone Center for Innovation & EntrepreneurshipVenture Creations incubator, and The Construct @ RIT allow students to pursue their passions with an entrepreneurial spirit.  Students can build prototypes, develop their business plans, and pitch their ideas to venture capitalists to earn startup money through these resources. In addition, events such as Tiger Tank encourage student innovation, introduce students to a competitive business environment, and give them a chance to start their own business before graduation.

Recent graduates have reported the following titles:

  • Business model designer
  • Change agent
  • Business development lead
  • Innovation analyst
  • Venture architect
  • Business operations planner
  • Business analyst
  • Product manager
  • Product and integration lead
  • Digital transformation strategist
  • Chief technology officer

Steven Carnovale, Ph.D. "With the top-rated incubating and entrepreneurial culture at RIT, our MS-TIME degree especially focuses on connecting students with the resources in business, science, technology, engineering and design disciplines found only at RIT. We aim to teach students to create values for their startups or entrepreneurial corporations through real-life business exposure and leveraging sources via our integrated global network, guided by faculty and industry mentors possessing successful entrepreneurship experiences."

Steven Carnovale, Ph.D.
Program Director and Professor

Saunders College of Business at Rochester Institute of Technology

With a 95% career outcome rate, Saunders is dedicated to helping its graduate students find employment. This is true even after graduation! Your Team is a group of advisors that can help you from the application process through graduation, with insight on scholarships, curriculum, and career placement. Students in the MBA program are eligible to receive up to a 50% scholarship and industry mentorship through the Saunders Leadership Fellows Program.

With a growing global network of more than 25,000 Saunders College alumni and 130,000 RIT alumni, students can make connections almost anywhere and are encouraged to meet with devoted alumni, dedicated professors, and driven peers. Students can study abroad at any of RIT’s four Global Campuses, additional global student exchange partnerships are available, and there are over 100 study abroad locations on every continent. Rochester’s campus is culturally and nationally diverse, with 1,594 students from 86 countries.

The Princeton Review mentions Saunders in its "Best Business Schools" and "Best Business Schools (Northeast)" lists. With the dynamic network of more than 25,000 Saunders College alumni and 136,000 RIT alumni, students make a global impact! Check out financial aid and scholarship options today to help prepare for future promotions and learn about GMAT/GRE waiver options. Apply today to become eligible for these opportunities and become a part of the Saunders community!

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