International Hospitality and Service Innovation Department

Integrating technology, information systems and analytics with traditional business disciples offers new opportunities and broader perspectives for business solutions.

Located at the intersection of technology, people, and services, the international hospitality and service innovation department at Saunders College is filled with great people and resources. Programs in hospitality and tourism management provide students with broad exposure to the incredibly diverse and lucrative opportunities in such fields as hotel management, travel and tourism, food and beverage, and event planning. The career paths are endless! As in all programs in the Saunders College of Business, we facilitate the development of our students as professionals and leaders, ultimately preparing Saunders graduates to enter the business world.

Department Chair

Edwin Torres Areizaga

Department Chair
International hospitality and service innovation is simply an amazing place with great people and resources! At the intersection of technology, people, and services, this unique and powerful combination of hospitality, tourism, leadership, human resources, and innovation puts you in a leading position to drive the next generation of business success.

Undergraduate Programs

RIT’s BS in hospitality and tourism management combines technology, computing, and data analytics with hospitality and tourism to improve guest experiences and reshape the hospitality and tourism industry.

Learn more about the Hospitality and Tourism Management BS program 

Graduate Programs

RIT’s hospitality management master’s degree develops business management leaders who successfully create and deliver world class experiences and services in hospitality and across all industries.

Learn more about the Hospitality Business Management MS program 


This beverage management minor provides you with the knowledge needed for the effective management of beverage services in both the on-premises and retail sectors. You will identify trends and develop an understanding of various aspects of the food, wine, beer, and spirit industries. You will also learn food and beverage management principles that demonstrate how providing exceptional service to guests and customers can maximize profits in the hospitality industry.

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Hospitality industries and related entrepreneurial businesses include those in lodging, resorts, food, entertainment, events and conventions, and tourism. The hospitality management minor provides an opportunity to learn about service–oriented businesses that are a significant portion of the economies of many countries.

Learn more about the Hospitality Management Minor program 

The real estate in hospitality minor seeks to develop your expertise in the planning, development, and management of real estate projects in the hospitality and related service industries. Course work enables you to pursue careers related to hospitality real estate development, asset management, franchising, and financing. In this minor, you will combine courses related to real estate, new business development, finance, and analytics.

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The sports, events, and entertainment management minor focuses on providing you with the knowledge and skills needed to optimize the experiences of consumers and employees in sports and entertainment. You will learn to develop, implement, and manage sports and entertainment events, as well as the operations of sports and entertainment organizations. Your course work will focus on business strategy, analytics, customer service, purchasing, negotiations, contracts, and event/venue management–all as you work to manage and deliver highly-effective experiences.  

Learn more about the Sports, Events, and Entertainment Management Minor program 

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