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Gun Involved Violence Elimination Evaluation

The Gun Involved Violence Elimination (GIVE) is a project of the New York Division of Criminal Justice Services.  GIVE provides support to 17 jurisdictions in New York State to support their efforts to combat firearm-related crimes, shootings, and homicides. CPSI performs a set of evaluation activities for each of 17 jurisdictions located in New York State. CPSI conducts process and outcome evaluations of their GIVE strategies, assessing the fidelity of the implemented strategies to their designs and empirically estimating the impacts and effectiveness of the strategies in conformity with established scientific principles. These evaluation activities include establishing local liaisons in each jurisdiction, administering a self-assessment, periodic site visits, and periodic calls with the local liaisons and analyses of outcomes data.

Gun Involved Violence Elimination Rochester

Under GIVE, CPSI works with the Rochester Police Department as the local research partner. The GIVE analyst will conduct analyses as directed by the GIVE partners.  This includes analyses related to geography, and other crime patterns as well as general contributions to GIVE planning and implementation.  The analysis also assists with work related to crime prevention interventions and procedural justice.

Monroe County Crime Analysis Center

Monroe County Crime Analysis Center is located in the Public Safety Building in Rochester, New York. Three analysts study trends and patterns in crime. The analysts will be responsible daily for maintenance of related data and dissemination of related information. Additionally, the analysts will work closely with the Section Captains and Investigative Coordinators to develop problem oriented policing strategies.

Violent Dispute Retaliation Project

This project involves work with the Rochester Police Department to address retaliatory violence through a process of dispute identification, risk assessment and intervention. This includes a victimization database and a shooting database along with an assessment tool that was designed for RPD to gauge the seriousness of a dispute or retaliatory action. The dispute related data is kept in a database and various analyses is and will be completed on that database. Crime mapping in ARC GIS will determine geospatial relations of dispute occur.

SNUG Training Director and Neighborhood Violence Prevention Coordinator

SNUG is a statewide initiative has a goal of reducing gun-related injuries and deaths in selected localities with high rates of reducing gun-related injuries among youth and young adults .The projects will be designed and implemented with Street Outreach and Offender Call-in models, which targets neighborhoods with high rates of gun violence and works through community based organizations residents and other individuals that are well positioned to work with high-risk youth and young adults in those areas. The training director is responsible for developing a training protocol for all employees working in SNUG sites statewide. They work closely with the Neighborhood Violence Prevention Coordinator who oversees all programmatic implementation of SNUG sites.

Project Safe Neighborhoods

This project seeks to create safe neighborhoods through a sustained reduction of violent crime associated with gang and gun violence.  It draws on a Smart Policing Initiative that was developed to identify, assesses, and intervene in situations where the probability of dispute related gun violence is believed to be high.  The program is implemented across the City of Rochester, New York, with a particular focus on the geographic areas where analysis has shown there to be persistent violence.

Alternative to Incarceration (ATI) Fidelity Evaluations

This involves assessments of Alternative to Incarceration sites within New York State. The assessment uses a validated assessment tool.  An average of 8-12 sites are assessed each year. Assessment includes a “kick off” phone call, site visit, administration of assessment tools, documentation gathering, staff interviews and report writing with recommendations.

North County Crime Analysis Center

The primary responsibility of this analysis center is to analyze crime within the area, and to provide this information to local law enforcement to assist in selecting more effective tactics and formulating strategies to significantly reduce crime. This center is located in Malone, NY and it spans 5 counties. The center began in July 2015.

Swift, Certain and Fair Evaluation

This program is based on a program known as Hawaii HOPE (Hawaii Opportunity Probation with Enforcement) which showed significant improvement in probationer’s compliance including lower arrest rates, lower revocations and particularly reductions in indicators of drug use.  Similar programs have been implemented elsewhere and this particular program is being replicated in several jurisdictions around the country. This program is piloted by Monroe County Department of Correction’s and Community Supervision who is in partnership with CPSI completing a process evaluation of the pilot programs.

SNUG Evaluation

SNUG is a New York State street outreach program. CPSI conducts site visits and phone calls to evaluate implementation, fidelity, dosage and best practices for a New York State street outreach model.


TIPS are a summer event that happens in 4 Rochester area neighborhoods. Neighborhoods are chosen by Project Exile board and City designated individuals. RIT students organize volunteers, and administer and analyze neighborhood surveys. This requires qualitative and quantitative data analysis and requires considerable time to prepare for the event itself.

Community Views On Violence

This is a procedural justice initiative implemented in connection with GIVE. CPSI is conducting an ongoing assessment of police/ criminal justice system community relations in Rochester. The work involves survey and focus group processes with a broad range of groups and community organizations. Reports are created based on input provided and presented to the GIVE partners.  They can also be found on the “Our Work” section of this website.

Body Camera Evaluation

The Rochester Police Department is implementing the use of Body Worn Cameras by officers.  CPSI is conducting independent evaluation using the strong evaluation designs and a process of continual exchange and feedback.

Non-Fatal Shootings Initiative Program (Case Clearance)

CPSI is working with the New York Division of Criminal Justice Services and several local jurisdictions to improve responses to gun violence. Through the use of police investigative reports, this project aims to identify key factors and decisions within the investigative process which may be useful for making arrests in non-fatal shooting cases.