Amazon Business Tax Exemption


Thank you for choosing to use the Amazon Business for Education Marketplace.

Provided that you are an authorized buyer for a Tax Exempt Organization, you are now able to purchase tax free, for qualified items within the Amazon Business Marketplace. Please know that most, but not all items within the store are eligible, so please take note of the line item tax listing in your shopping cart before completing your purchase. For any issues, please contact the Amazon Business Customer Service Team at (866) 486-2360.

The RIT Amazon Business accounts are now (as of 2/15/17) setup to automatically have the tax exemption forms loaded. RIT users will just need to verify that the tax exempt status has attached to their account upon accepting the invitation.


  1. Please login to your account and click ‘Your Account’ by hovering over the hyperlinked account name to the right of the search bar.
  2. Under ‘Settings’ please click the ‘Amazon Tax Exemption Program’ hyperlink at the middle of the menu as noted in the image below:Amazon Account Settings


  3. Verify that your accounts tax exemptions are the same as the picture below. Do not click on the “Edit Tax Exemption” button. All tax exemption changes will be handled by the administrator in the CTO Accounting Office.Amazon Tax Exemption Program


  4. If your account settings do not agree with the items in step 3, contact Valerie Russell in the Accounting office at
  5. Should you have any issues, or if you accidentally make a purchase with Tax included, please contact the Amazon Business Account Customer Service by Phone at (866) 486-2360.