II. How to Access the Oracle Self-Serve Applications

  1. Refer to Section I. How to Access Your Oracle Home Page for detailed instructions about the Oracle URL.
  2. The list of responsibilities on your home page is sorted alphabetically. The Self-Service responsibilities include the "RIT Employee Self-Service" and "RIT Workflow User".
  3. To change or view your payroll information click once on the "RIT Employee Self-Service" responsibility.
  4. To view your Worklist, change your general preferences or Notification rules click once on the "RIT Workflow User" responsibility.

RIT Employee Self-Service

  1. The RIT Employee Self-Service responsibility allows you to change your address or phone number by clicking on "My Personal Information and Contacts".
  2. To view your salary or employment history click on "My Employment Information".
  3. To view a current or past paystub click on "My Paystub".
  4. To change your direct deposit banking information click on "My Banking Information".
  5. To change your tax withholding information click on "My Tax Withholding Information".
  6. To view your W-2 Wage and Tax Statement for the last calendar year click on "My W2 Information".
  7. To view your benefit coverage click on "My Benefits".
  8. To change your password click on "Change my Password".
  9. To opt out of the RIT Emergency Mass Notification System, (EMNS), and not receive emergency messages sent by the EMNS, click on "RIT Alert EMNS Opt Out".
  10. To view the value of your salary and benefits for a calendar year, click on "My Total Compensation Statement".
  11. To view available positions at the Institute, click on "My Career Zone".

RIT Workflow User

  1. The "My Worklist" page will give you access to all notifications you have received, such as requisition approval notification, changes to your payroll information, or notification of an Oracle report that was run.
  2. Clicking on "My Preferences" takes you to a parameter screen which allows you to change the name that is displayed on your home page, (Known as), the format you receive electronic mail notifications, and your password.