Kronos Process and FAQ's

The following applies to all non-exempt employees including regular employees, student workers, and RIT temporary employees.

  • Employees will be paid from the minute they punch in to the minute they punch out.
  • Employees will be required to punch out and in for all meal periods.
  • Schedules do not affect the calculation of hours worked; schedules are for information only.

Options for time entry:

Timeclocks - staff can use the bar code on their University ID and swipe at the timeclocks. Students have a unique badge number for each job they have-- a combination of Oracle number and job number. It must manually entered by pressing the * key, keying the number, and then pressing "enter".

Helpful hint You may select F1 on the time clock to view your last several punches at that clock.

Web-based Punch Form - must submit request, including IP address, to Sean Cartwright or (585) 475-2819. Directions will be emailed.

Access to personal timecard - submit Kronos Security Form, authorized by employee's supervisor, to Sean Cartwright. You will be provided with directions for setting up and using software.

Paper timecard - the least preferred method; must be retained in the department for seven years; must accurately reflect actual time worked.